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Art Club

Art Club


Every JYian, an artist within.


  • To build aesthetic awareness and develop artistic and creative abilities.
  • To develop confident Jyians who are innovative and self-directed learners.
  • To be a responsible and concerned citizen who contributes back to the society aesthetically.
  • To develop a strong sense of care, appreciation and empathy in our Jyians.


For some, art is a hobby, for others, art is a way of life. 

In Juying Art Club, we provide an opportunity for students to maximize their sense of creativity and critical thinking, 
as well as broaden their mind in appreciating visual art.

We also aim to broaden their aesthetic skills through a learning journey to National Gallery Singapore or to an art workshop about food clay art!

This year, as part of their VIA project, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Nanyang Community Club, creating pieces of artwork called “Plank Art”. Students get to create pieces of artwork that symbolizes the different occupations available in Singapore, regardless of race, gender and religion.

CCA Schedule

CCA VenueCCA Day
Art RoomFriday 3 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart

Ms Roslin Rahim (IC)
Mr Abdol Rahim
Ms Sabirah Husnah

Art Instructor
Ms Sarah Abdul Kadir

Executive Committee 
PresidentStella Ng Hui Li (3E1)
Vice-PresidentKhoo Kai Lin (3A1)



Design for Good Youth Competition 2017 

 Yellowren Arts Festival 2017Certificate of Participation
Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition 2017Certificate of Participation
SYF Motif Design Competition 2016 Certificate of Participation
SG50 Art Competition at Frontier CC 2015Gold 
 UNESCO Art Education Week Cyber Exhibition 2015 Bronze
  Yellowren Canvas Art Competition 2015 Certificate of Participation


  • VIA – East Coast Beach Clean Up
  • Nanyang Plank Art Project 2017
  • Gardens By The Bay – Art Trail
  • Learning Journey To Singapore Art Museum
  • Mural painting (Art Room walls)
  • Chalk Pastel
  • Batik Painting

Beach clean upGroup Photo - A Collaboration With Strategic Games Club
VIA – East Coast Beach Clean UpVIA – East Coast Beach Clean Up
Plank Art Workshop 1Plank Art Workshop 2
 Plank Art Workshop at Nanyang Community ClubPlank Art Workshop at Nanyang Community Club 
Main Picture For Website
 Gardens By The Bay – Art Trail