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One Choir One Voice.


Our Participation in the B-dazzled Show Choir Competition and SYF 2017  

2017 has been a significant and remarkable year for Choir because we made the commitment to challenge ourselves. From the beginning of the year, we were determined to participate in both SYF as well as B-dazzled Show Choir Competition 2017.        

SYF took place in April while B-dazzled was held in July. Our biggest challenge lies in not having adequate time to practice for B-dazzled after SYF as both events were only three months apart. After discussions between teachers and students from choir, we agreed unanimously to increase the frequency of our training from twice weekly to three times a week starting from January. One out of the three weekly practice sessions was devoted to prepare for B-dazzled.    

The practice routines were not easy. After all, the nature of SYF and B-dazzled are vastly different. SYF focuses on choral quality and students need to be able to sing in unison. On the other hand, for B-dazzled, students’ movements have to be in-sync and well-coordinated while singing melodiously. Despite the trials and challenges, choir students displayed resilience and persevered till the end. They supported one another to overcome challenges by continuously reminding each other of the steps, timing, formation as well as dance movement. They learnt to care and help one another to polish their skills. When we finally accomplished the two major goals of performing in SYF and B-dazzled, choir turned into a big and warm family. In choir, everyone cares for one another.      

We have come a long way. What matters is not the outcomes of competitions, but our memorable journey together.

CCA Schedule

Practice VenuePractice Day OnePractice Day One
Music RoomMonday 4 pm - 6 pmFriday 3 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart

Mr Dayan Tan (IC)
Ms Chang Sze May (2IC)
Ms Lau Jia Yun

Ms Koh Shu Jiun
Mrs Cherie Tse

Vocals: Ms Jessica Irawan & Ms Deniece Grace Foo
Dance: Ms Safy Ann

Executive Committee
ChairpersonNur Atiqah Bte Roslee (3E2) 
  Vice-ChairpersonSoh Yi Fei Charmaine (3E1) 


Competitions & AchievementsAchievementsYear
 SYF Arts PresentationCertificate of Accomplishment2017
 B-Dazzled Singapore Show Choir Festival Platinum Award (Team)
Best Costumes Award (Team)
Emerald Award (Solo)
SYF Arts Presentation Certificate of Accomplishment2015
  B-Dazzled Singapore Show Choir FestivalPlatinum Award2014
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) ExamPass with Distinction2013
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) ExamPass with Merit2012

List of Activities & Performances

Activity / Performance2017
Choir Choral Exchange at Hillgrove Secondary School
SYF Arts PresentationApril   
Show Choir Exchange at SCAPEJuly
B-Dazzled! – Singapore Show Choir FestivalJuly
Choir Public Performance at Palm View GardenSeptember
Performed at Happy Lantern Festival at
Jurong Spring CC
Choir School CCA Camp November
Watch musical performance at Marina Bay Sands TheatreNovember


Activities & Competitions

Choir 1Choir 2
Where is our Ms Lau?
Finally, we have accomplished our goal to 
perform for SYF!
Choir 3Choir 4
 New friendships are built through choral exchange.Not forgetting to take photos together during our practices. 
Choir 5Choir 7
 It has been a glamorous night performing for B-Dazzled. Through laughter and tears, we grow and create precious memories together. We need to be highly focused and passionate when performing on the large stage at Resort World Theatre. 
Choir 6
Thank you Choir for giving me the opportunities to sing on stage. The enriching experience definitely increases