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National Cadet Corps (Sea)

National Cadet Corps


To develop responsible, respectful and resilient cadets to face the challenges of the changing world and be successful citizens. 


To nurture committed cadets who are resourceful, responsible, resilient, loyal leaders and team players through fun and challenging military-related activities.


NCC tries to instill in every cadet confidence and determination. This is achieved through diverse activities whereby the mental discipline, physical fitness and endurance of each cadet is put to test. During their four or five years with NCC, cadets are imparted with basic nautical skills and knowledge through theory classes and practical fieldwork such as kayaking, bends and hitches, orienteering and shooting. Cadets also have the opportunity to undergo courses conducted by NCC HQ on the basic survival skills and First Aid.

Long Term Goal

To groom our cadets to show greater social responsibilities and to take on an increased ownership of their school, unit and committee.


2017 has been a significant year for our NCC (Sea) co-educational unit.

From the effort and perseverance injected by our cadets and officers, NCC unit attained the Silver Award in the Annual Best Unit Competition (BUC), maintaining the standards set in the previous year.

This year, our very own Precision Drill Squad (PDS) attended a course conducted by NCC HQ which enabled them tochoreograph their first performance for the Nanyang National Day Celebration dinner, commemorating our nation’s 52nd birthday. The team exhibited teamwork and resilience as they entertained the guests with a fancy drill showcase.

Activities for 2017 includes:

1)    Cadets achieving the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) Badge 

2)    Bronze – Sec 1 and 2 (Attending a talk)

3)    Silver – Sec 2 (Doing a project to show appreciation to the Non-Teaching Staff)

4)    1-star and 2-star certification course in March

5)    Annual Sea Challenge – test of nautical knowledge, applications of knots, kayaking

6)    Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking) where our girls’ team and 1 of our male cadets made it to finals

7)  1st NCC Road Relay – girls’ team finalist8)    Sports and Games Competition where our cadets participated in Captain’s Ball, Frisbee and Soccer.

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to everyone who have supported our students in ensuring they have received the highest possible chance of success. 

We will strive to maintain our standards to provide our cadets with valuable learning experiences and achieve more awards for JYSS. NCC (Sea), Onwards and Upwards!  

CCA Schedule

Training VenueTraining Day
School FoyerFriday 3 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart

Teachers In-Charge
Commanding Officer
 CPT (NCC) Ms Khoo Woei Lin
2nd In-Charge / Senior Cadet Leaders Teacher Officer
  CPT (NCC) Mr Wang Woon Keat
Senior Cadets Teacher Officer  
2LT (NCC) Mr Chung Zhiwen
Cadet Leaders Teacher Officer 
LTA (NCC) Ms Ong Xian Qing
 Junior Cadets Teacher Officer 
LTA (NCC) Ms Lim Miao Ee, Irene

Unit Sergeant Major
SSG (NCC) Jasper Lee Jun Siang (3A2)
Assistant Unit Sergeant Major
 SSG (NCC) Pearlyn Eng Jie Yi (3A1)


Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking) 4th-7th individual placing2017 
 Annual Sea Competition (Sea Challenge) Participation 2017
Annual Orienteering CompetitionParticipation 2017 
Sports & Games CompetitionParticipation 2017 
 Road Relay CompetitionParticipation 2017 
  Best Unit Competition Silver  2016
National Canoe Slalom Championship
NCC Sea Sec 3 Girls K1 (2nd)
 NCC Sea Sec 1 Girls T1 (2nd)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Girls K1 (3rd)
NCC Sea Sec 2 Girls K1 (4th position)
NCC Sea Sec 2 Boys K1 (8th position)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Boys K1 (7th position)
NCC Sea Sec 3 Girls T2 (Finalist)
 Annual Shooting Competition Finalist2016
 Best Unit Competition Silver 2015
 Bends and Hitches  Female Cadet Leaders : Champion2015
Shooting Competition1st in Sea District - Gold
4th overall 
  Kayaking Competition (Singles) Female Junior Cadet : 3rd
 Female Senior Cadet : 4th 
 Kayaking Competition (Doubles)  Female Senior Cadet : 4th2015
 Best Unit Competition Bronze2014


Junior Cadets during Affirmation CeremonyMale Kayaking Singles representatives
Junior Cadets during Affirmation Ceremony
Boys Kayaking Singles representatives
Girls solving a given clue together during Sea Challenge
Girls Team for Annual Kayaking Competition
 Girls solving a given clue together during Sea ChallengeGirls team for Annual Kayaking Competition 
Girls working together during Sea ChallengeBoys team working together to carry the kayak during Sea Challenge
 Girls team working together during Sea ChallengeBoys team working together to during Sea Challenge