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Every JYian a reflective learner with strong mathematical foundation to excel in an ever-changing world.


Inspiring learning, Inculcating Values, Impacting Lives.


The Mathematics Department has consistently promoted ways to help students discover the joy of learning Mathematics and to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in students. In the classrooms, students have more opportunities to work collaboratively to find solutions to real-life mathematical problems. Teachers incorporate various pedagogical strategies to enable students to explore, demonstrate and reflect on their learning. In the spirit of entrepreneurial dare, mathematics teachers will continue to strive for innovative ways to inculcate confidence in JYians to be able to think critically and apply mathematics to real world problems.

Long Term Goals

  • To inspire a love for Mathematics in JYians
  • To inculcate confidence in JYians to apply Mathematics to real world problems
  • To impact the lives of students to be  Reflective, Self-directed and Collaborative learners.


Competition Achievement 
2018 International Competitions and Assessments
for Schools (ICAS)
9 Distinctions
31 Credits
14 Merit Awards
 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2017Bronze Award:
Lee Yi Quan (2E1)  
 All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course 2017 (Upper Secondary Normal Technical, individual category) Individual Prize:
Course Upper Sec NT - 15th position
Heera Aimand B Mohammed Rizal
11th Inter-school Sudoku Challenge 20178th prize 
 2016 International Competitions and Assessments
for Schools (ICAS)
 1 Higher Distinction 
7 Distinctions   
18 Credits  
 All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition
for Normal Course Students 2016
 Individual Prizes: 
Lower Sec NA - 20th position 
Famas Jan Venley Tampos (2A1) 

Upper Sec NA: 14th position 
Chiam Yuan Han (5A1) 
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2016 Bronze Award - 
Teo Shi Jie (2E1) 
2015 International Competitions and Assessments 
for Schools (ICAS)
   1 Distinctions   
11 Credits   
34 Proficiency awards 
2014 International Competitions and Assessments 
for Schools (ICAS)
13 Credits     
29 Proficiency awards 
  Singapore Secondary School Mathematics Competition 
Group award - 5th position for Upper Sec NA  

Individual award
Upper Sec NT
2nd (Chai Zhang Xin Ran)

Upper Sec NA
17th (Wenxin, 5A1)
  Singapore Secondary School Mathematical Olympiad 1 honourable mention - Lee Zhen Wei, 4E1.   
2013 International Competitions and Assessments 
for Schools (ICAS)
  1 Higher Distinction   
  4 Distinctions 
3 Credits  
15 Proficiency awards 
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2013 1 Bronze  
2 Honourable Mention

                                                        2018 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)    
Students awarded Distinctions and higher Distinctions for ICAS2
02 Higher distinction, distinction and credit (web).jpg
                                                        2016 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) 
                                                            Students awarded credit or higher for ICAS2

03 All SG Sec Maths Competition for NA Course.jpg All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition
for Normal Course Students 2016 

Famas Jan Venley Tampos (2A1) -
20th placing in the Lower Sec Category
Chiam Yuan Han (5A1) -
14th placing respectively in the Upper Sec Category

05 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2016 (Bronze - Teo Shi Jie 2E1) (web).jpg Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2016
Teo Shi Jie achieved the Bronze award.

Programmes & Activities

Providing Learning Experiences to engage and motivate learners.
PLE1.jpg PLE2.jpg PLE3.jpg
Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning (E-portal and Webquest)

Organisation Chart


54. Mdm Norhafiani Bte Abdul Majid.jpgMdm Norhafiani Abd Majid
HOD (Mathematics)
Email :


16. Ms Koh Shu Jiun.jpgMs Koh Shu Jiun
Subject Head (Mathematics)
Email :

77. Mr Mustafa B Ali.jpgMr Mustafa Ali  
Senior Teacher / Educational Support / 1E3 Deputy FT 
Email :
17. Mdm Mak Wai Han.jpgMdm Mak Wai Han
Senior Teacher / 4E1 Deputy FT   Email

15. Mr Cai Zhiwen.jpgMr Cai Zhiwen
HOD (Discipline)
Email :

44. Ms Ng Puay San Christina.jpgMs Christina Ng
HOD (Aesthetics, Craft &Technology)
Email :

37. Mr Wang Woon Keat.jpgMr Wang Woon Keat
Secondary 4 Year Head
Email :
Ong Xian Qing.jpgMrs Tee-Ong Xian Qing
Class 1E1 Form Teacher
Email :

Mr Lui Tze Ting Albert.jpgMr Albert Lui
Class 4A2  Form Teacher
Email :
27. Ms Kohh Woei Lin.jpgMs Khoo Woei Lin
Class 1T1 Form Teacher
Email :
18. Mdm Shurtini Bte Sayuti.jpgMdm Shurtini Sayuti
Class 1T1 Form Teacher   
Email :
Mr Soh Wei Qiang.jpg
Mr Soh Wei Qiang
Prefect Master / 4A1 Form Teacher
Email :
8. Mr Chung Zhiwen.jpgMr Chung Zhiwen
Class 5A1 Form Teacher
Email :
73. Mr Loh Weng Jun Herman.jpgMr Herman Loh
Covering Subject Head (PE & CCA)
Email :
70. Ms Yeo Yee Teng.jpgMs Yeo Yee Teng
Class 2E1 Form Teacher
Email :
39. Mr Aw Jiong Le Clive.jpgMr Clive Aw
Class 2A1 Form Teacher
Email :
36. Mr Lee Hon Yen.jpgMrs Sophia Ang
Training Coordinator
Email :
19. Mr Goh Qi Xuan Benjamin.jpgMr Benjamin Goh

Class 3A2 Form Teacher
Email :

52. Ms Tam Wai Theng Rachel.jpgMs Rachel Tham
Sec 2E3 Form Teacher
Email :

2) Dr Tan Ying Shan.jpgMs Tan Ying Shan
Sec 1A2 Form Teacher
Email :

11) Mr Choong Guo Wei.jpg Mr Choong Guowei
Class 1A3 Form Teacher
Email :

13. Mrs Yap Wai Ling.jpgMrs Yap Wai Ling
Flexi-Adjunct Teacher

Email :