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To develop a gracious people who are able to relate to and care for the community and country.


To help students develop and demonstrate character and citizenship attributes through serving the school, community and nation.

NE/VIA Framework



National Education






(Theme: Environment)

Lion’s Club Flag Day

Core NE Days*:

  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship Day
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day

*Even year – Secondary 2
Odd year – Event will be anchored by whole school


Relationship Mastery

(Theme: Singapore Kindness Movement)

Nanyang Community National Day Observance Ceremony*


(Theme: Trip for International Experience)

Lion’s Club Flag Day


Pursuing Excellence

(Theme: Care for School, Community and Nation)

Tzu-Chi “Seeds of Hope” Recycling Project/

SG50 Jubilee National Day Observance Ceremony

ND observation1.png



This year’s our school participated in the Jubilee National Observance Ceremony together with Nanyang Community Centre on 8 August 2015. Prior to this event, there were a group of students who went for the Fly Our Flag Campaign where they sold state flags to residents at Yunnan Estate as part of the National Day Event organised by Nanyang CC. This event showed how Juying Secondary School contributed back to the community through various efforts.





Tzu Chi Recycling Project

01 Tzu Chi Recycling.jpg

The Secondary 4 and 5 participated in Tzu Chi’s recycling event as part of their VIA project on 17 January 2016. The funds obtained through the sale of the recycled materials were regenerated back to the Seed of Hope programme.   

02 Tzu Chi Recycling.jpg

Community Building Event @ Clementi Community Centre

An enthusiastic team of Secondary Three JYians displayed their R3IGHT values through a community building event at Clementi Community Centre (CC) for three consecutive days. These students were galvanised to beautify Clementi CC for its Open House on 29 May. Assisted by  our Green Club teacher, Mr Billy Goh, the local VIA team landscaped an important segment of the centre.

On the day of 29th of May, residents and friends arrived at the sparkling new centre to participate in a range of activities such as balloon sculpturing, colouring and other interactive activities for children. Our JYians rose to the task and further divided themselves into events teams to assist with the activities. 

Through this, our VIA students were given a golden opportunity to interact with the residents and also to extend their values of Graciousness and Teamwork to the greater community. 

04 Landscaping.jpg


03 Balloon Sculpting.jpg

Balloon Sculpting

Sec 3 R3IGHT Camp (VIA/TIE Trip)


This year, Juying Sec changed the focus of our Sec 3 VIA/TIE trips to increase the level of student ownership and involvement in the VIA/TIE process, so as to better achieve the objectives of the VIA/TIE trips:

1.    Develop in our students the 21st Century Competencies of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities;

2.    Expose students to Asia, especially South East Asia, and sensitise them to Singapore’s place in the world; and

3.    Deepen students’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore.

 To plan for the trip, our Sec 3 students went through the following steps:

Stage 1

·      Identified a social issue that they wanted to learn more about.

Stage 2

·      Conducted online research on how that issue is being tackled in Singapore.

·      Selected a country that has done well in tackling that issue to visit and learn from.

Stage 3

·      Crafted their desired learning outcomes from their VIA/TIE trip.

Stage 4

·      Worked with their form teachers to plan the trip itinerary and select the trip vendor.

Following their VIA/TIE trip, the Sec 3 classes all shared with the school what they had experienced and learnt during their trip. Feedback from the students, the teachers, and even the staff of the places visited by the students during their VIA/TIE trips, was very positive. Students shared that they had benefited from the programme tremendously.

As a follow-up to the VIA/TIE trip, and to give the students an opportunity to further develop themselves and apply what they have learnt, the Sec 3 classes will be planning their own VIA activity to tackle the social issue they had chosen, but in Singapore’s context. This will be conducted in Term 1 2018.

Through this programme, our students have definitely grown in their self-confidence and self-directedness, as well as developed into more concerned global citizens and active contributors to tackling social issues around them.  

2. 3T1 VIA Trip to Hatyai, Thailand.jpgSec 3T1 on their VIA trip to Hatyai, Thailand

1. 3T1 VIA Trip to Hatyai, Thailand.jpgSec 3T1 on their VIA trip to Hatyai, Thailand