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2013 GCE O-level



Congratulations to the class of 2013 for their breakthrough achievements in the 2013 GCE O Level Examinations!

We are very pleased to announce that both the Sec 4 Express and 5 NA cohorts have achieved value-added results. Even though their average PSLE T-Score is low (4 Express: 193.7; 5 NA: 154.7), compared to the National Average, their achievements are commendable in terms of L1B5 and L1B4 respectively, which are above expectation. Outstanding results are seen in many subjects such as 4 Express: English Language (96 % Passes), Food & Nutrition (100% Passes, 25% Distinctions), Chinese Language (100% Passes, 50% Distinctions); 5NA: Additional Mathematics (100% Passes, 51% Distinctions), Mother Tongue Languages (100% Passes), just to name a few.

The class of 2013 has indeed surpassed the previous cohorts in the last five years. The outstanding set of results is a testament to the consistent hard work of both the students and the teachers. Our teachers have gone the extra mile by putting in a lot of extra time and effort in conducting after school lessons and night study sessions.

Untitled.pngAt Juying, we strive to provide a holistic education for our students to develop them to be a gracious community of life-long learners with strength of character. Of special mention is Teo Guo Hao from class 5A1 2013 who joined the school at Sec 1 with a PSLE T-Score of 113. He studied only 3 foundation subjects – Chinese, English and Mathematics in his primary school. However, when he came to Juying, he worked very hard, with the support and guidance from his teachers. He rose to the rank of Warrant Officer and achieved a commendable L1B5 of 16 at the GCE O Levels. (Read more about Guo Hao in the Shin Ming Daily News, 13 January 2014.

We are confident that the future cohorts of students will continue to do the school and their family proud!

Together We Will Succeed!           

Mr Seet Tiat Hee


Juying Secondary School