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2014 GCE O-level

Congratulations to the class of 2014 for their “beyond-expectation” achievements in the 2014 GCE O Level Examinations – This is one of the best set of Sec 4 Express results in the last decade, surpassing the breakthrough results achieved by the Class of 2013!


We are very pleased to announce that both the Sec 4 Express and Sec 5 NA cohorts have sustained value-added results. Despite our students coming from very humble background with lower PSLE 

T-Score (4 Express: 203; 5 NA: 151), as compared to the national average, their achievements are commendable in terms of L1B5 and L1B4 respectively, which are way above expectation.


Outstanding results are seen in many subjects such as 4 Express: 

  • Combined Humanities (96.4 % Passes, 46.4% Distinctions); 
  • Mathematics (100% Passes, 39.3% Distinctions); 
  • Science (P/C) (100% Passes, 37.5% Distinctions); 
  • Chinese Language (100% Passes, 46.7% Distinctions); 
  • Malay Language (100% Passes, 44.4% Distinctions); 

Outstanding results are seen in many subjects such as 5 Normal(Academic): 
  • Malay Language (100% Passes, 46.2% Distinctions); 
  • Chinese Language (90% Passes, 35% Distinctions); 
  • Science (P/C) 85.4%, 27.3% Distinctions); 
  • Combined Humanities (71.1% Passes); just to name a few.
Subjects that have performed Within or Exceeding expectation: 

Sec 4 Express 2014    Sec 5 Normal Academic 2014

 Additional Maths

Additional Maths*
ChemistryCombined Humanities

Combined Humanities*

Design and Technology

Elementary Maths*Elementary Maths
PhysicsPrinciples of Accounts

Subjects with an * indicate those exceeding National Percentage Passes or Distinctions.