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2015 GCE O-level

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Our heartiest Congratulations to the Class of 2015 for their resilience and hard work shown in the results of the 2015 GCE O Level Examinations!

In spite of their humble mean PSLE scores (4Exp: 197; 5NA: 161) which are relatively lower than the national average, they are able to achieve reasonably good results which are better or comparable to the national average in terms of percentage(%) of Distinctions and Passes in quite a number of subjects.

Some outstanding achievements include: 4 Express - Chinese Language (100% Pass, 78.3% Distinctions); Malay Language (100% Pass, 33.3% Distinctions); Pure Physics (100% Pass, 28.6% Distinctions); Science (Chem/Bio) (88.9% Pass, 44.4% Distinctions); Combined Humanities (82.9% Pass, 31.4% Distinctions); Pure Biology (100% Pass). 5 Normal (A) - Combined Humanities (100% Pass, 40% Distinctions); Science (Phy/Chem)(100% Pass, 40% Distinctions); Chinese Language(100% Pass, 33.3% Distinctions); Principles of Accounts(100% Pass, 33.3% Distinctions); E Maths(90% Pass, 30% Distinctions); Malay Language, D&T, Art(100% Pass); Science (Physics/Biology)(80% Pass), just to name a few.

In Juying Secondary, we inculcate the R3IGHT values in our students to prepare them not only to do well in their studies, but to contribute back to society. Of special mention is Leung Qian Wen, our Vice-Head Prefect who joined Juying Secondary with a PSLE T-score of 191. Instead of choosing to do her O Levels in 5 years at a secondary school with a higher PSLE cut-off score, she believed in Juying Secondary and chose us so that she could do her O Levels in 4 years in our Express course.

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Today, Qian Wen scored 5As and 1C with an L1B5 of 15, which qualifies her for a JC course. She attributed her achievements to the hard work put in by all her teachers. For Qian Wen's exemplary character and active contributions to the school and the community, she has won several Edusave awards, including the Edusave Merit Bursary, the Edusave Character Award, and the Edusave EAGLES (Leadership) Award.

This set of excellent results is a testament of our teachers' unwavering commitment as they worked tirelessly to reach out to each and every JYian. Well done, Teachers!

Thank you also to Parents for your support and belief in us.