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2016 GCE O-level


 Congratulations to our JYian graduates, and their parents!
Once again, the Class of 2016 has done Juying Secondary proud by doing very well for the 2016 GCE O Level Examinations! Thank you, Juying Teachers, for making a difference in the lives and future of many JYians who chose us as their choice school.

Despite our humble mean PSLE scores (4Exp: 197; 5NA: 163) which are lower than the national average, they are able to achieve reasonably good results which are better or comparable to the national average in terms of percentage(%) of Passes & Distinctions in quite a number of subjects:

Outstanding achievements include: 4 Express – Pure Chemistry (Pass 100% vs 96.8% Nat); Pure Physics (Pass 100% vs 97.6% Nat); Science (Phy/Chem) (Pass 100% vs 86.4% Nat; Dist 42% vs 35% Nat); Additional Mathematics (Pass 97% vs 96.2% Nat); Principles of Accounts (Pass 94.7% vs 81.4% Nat; Dist 26.3% vs 21.9% Nat); Combined Humanities (Pass 93.9% vs 89.2% Nat); Science (Chem/Bio) (Pass 87.1% vs 85% Nat; Dist 32.3% vs 29% Nat); Chinese (Dist 47.2% vs 29.2% Nat); Design & Technology (Pass 83.3% vs 82% Nat; Dist 16.7% vs 17.7% Nat); Food & Nutrition (Pass 87.5% vs 81.2%); Malay (Pass 100% vs 99.5% Nat); 5 Normal (Academics) – Additional Mathematics (Pass 86% vs 88% Nat); Mathematics (Pass 67% vs 68% Nat); Combined Humanities (Pass 62% vs 65% Nat); Principles of Accounts (Pass 92% Vs 84% Nat).

We are also pleased to announce that 96% of our Express students qualify for the Polytechnics and 71% of them qualify for the Pre-University courses.

In Juying Secondary, we inculcate the R3IGHT values in our students to prepare them for the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) World. We are confident that our students will do well in the next lap of their education journey in the Institutes of Higher Learning – be it in the Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, Millennia Institute or Institute of Technical Education.

Note: 62% of our students were originally given the option of the “5-year Normal course” or “4-year Express course” after their 2012 PSLE examinations. We are happy that they believed in Juying Secondary and chose us as their choice school to do the Express course. They made the right decision indeed!