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Congratulations to our Performing Arts Groups for their outstanding performance in the recent Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2013 competition.



 Choir - Certificate of Commendation

choir 2.JPG

                                        Cultural Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment

cul dance 9.jpg

                                         Hip-Hop - Certificate of Distinction

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                                 Symphonic Band - Certificate of Accomplishment

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Congratulations to our JYians for their Outstanding Performance!

Netball M1 Schools’ Challenge League 2013

DSC04707.JPGWe went against Boon Lay Secondary School for the first match on the 5th April 2013. We felt excited as it had been a while since we had a match.  We were determined to do our best in this competition as we had been training very hard. We were very pleasantly surprised and touched to see some of our school mates at the ISH to lend us their support. We won that match.

The second match was with Chong Boon Secondary School. It was a really tough fight, compounded by the fact that we just had our Sports Day in the morning and many of us participated in the sports events. We were exhausted but we still gave the competition all we could. However, that was not sufficient and we lost by a small margin of a few points.

The next match was against Northland Secondary School. At first, we were losing and many of us were getting injured. Somehow, that only served to spur us further and when we realised we won by 2 points, we screamed with excitement and joy and some of us shed tears of relief and joy.

The final match was against Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary). Though we had two wins, we didn’t get complacent. Although some of the players didn’t come due to extra lessons, the rest of us didn’t give up. We played all 4 sessions and encouraged each other. We won.

We didn’t realise we got 2nd until a month later when our Coach announced it to us. It is the first time Netball Club won and I am sure we will continue to win more competitions.

Last but not least, we will like to thank Mr Seet, Mr Ow, Ms Wong, our netball teachers, Mrs Leong, Ms Yang and Ms Ma, our coaches and our schoolmates who came to cheer for us whenever possible.

“Success is not final. Failure is not total. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Written by

Low Ee Ling (3E1)


DSC04711.JPG                                                                                Job well done Girls!

Congratulations to our IT/Media Club for being the champion!

Picomouse Competition

Each year, our IT/Media Club sends three teams to participate in each of two picomouse competitions – the Singapore Robotic Games Picomouse Competition in January and the Interschool Picomouse Competition in July. This year, our teams emerged champion in both competitions. What was our secret, you may ask. Well, our secret was no secret. It was teamwork based on our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience (the 3Rs). Allow me to elaborate.   

We learnt to respect each team member and his/her opinions and suggestions. By doing so, we ensured that we learnt the most from one another and made good consented decisions as a team. We also learnt to respect and support our opponents during the competition which led to many new friendships forged.   

 The picomouse is made up of many delicate and sensitive components and comes with a set of maintenance tools. We took responsibility for our equipment by taking good care of them to ensure that they performed at their optimum on the competition day.   

Programming the picomouse was no easy feat, especially debugging the program. When faced with problems, we encouraged one another to be resilient and seeked solutions from online sources, instructor and teachers.   We would like to thank the school for the unwavering support. We shall continue to strive to bring honour and glory to the school.



Our JYians emerging as Champions in the recent Picomouse Competition.

Congratulations on coming out as 2nd runner up for Super 24!

Congratulations Nutz Crew for taking 2nd runner-up for Secondary School Category on our Super 24! Dance Competition on14 July 2013 at ITE College West.

We would like to applaud the students for their time, passion and dedication devoted to this competition. Not forgetting your commitment in nurturing this group of talented youths as they pursue their passion for dance!

Congratulations to our Choir for achieving Distinction in ABRSM Exam!

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) is an examinations board based in London, U.K. which provides examinations in music at centres around the world. We have taken part in this choral singing examination (Initial level) each year since 2010.

2010 - Certificate of Merit
2011 - Certificate of Credit
2012 - Certificate of Merit
2013 - Certificate of Distinction

Our Talented Singers making our school Proud.

Congratulations to our IT/Media Club for achieving the merit award in the Engineering and Science Challenge 2013 held on 21st October at Republic Polytechnic

Our team of students was tasked to design and build a radio controlled car given a set of stringent requirements and specifications. During the competition, the team had to steer their car four laps around a circuit which included obstacles, ramps, sharp bends and turns.


Congratulations to our IT/Media Club for emerging champion in the Alternative Energy Car Challenge 2013 - Solar Prix Light Waves held on 8th November at Science Centre Singapore

Our team of students spent many weeks programming and fine-tuning their picomouse. For the competition, the team had to ensure that their picomouse was able to explore the given maze, backtrack to the starting point and perform fast runs to the goal in the shortest time possible. Through this competition, the students gained knowledge and skills on robotics and developed positive attitudes and character traits.