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CCA Types of Competition Achievements
Art Club
03_First Prize in SG50 Art Competition @Pioneer.JPG

1. Nanyang CC Opening Stall Decoration 

2. Representation in UNESCO International 
    Art exhibition:

  • Juven Quak 2A1
  • Heather Ng 2A1
  • Alicia Lim 2A2
  • Nurhijannah 2T1

3. 1st & consolation prize for sg50 Art competition at Pioneer

  • Sheena Ng 1E3 (Special mention)
  • Christabel Tjong 1A1 (Special Mention)
  • Heather Ng 2A1 (Consolation Prize)
  • Juven Quak 2A1 (First Prize)

1. Consolation Prize

3. 1st & consolation prize for SG50 Art competition at Pioneer
National School Games (West Zone) ‘B’ Boys Division  Qualify into 2nd Round
                      Band  20_(Speech Day cum JY20 celebration)  800_0494_2.jpg
SYF Arts Presentation 2015 Certificate of Accomplishment

19456266714_f3eec62e24_o (1).jpg
1. SYF Arts Presentation – Distinction 

2. Bdazzled Showchoir Festival 

1. Certificate of Accomplishment

2. Soloist Category (Platinum Award) – Denise 2E1 

Cultural Dance   
17_(Speech Day cum JY20 celebration) IMG_9675.jpg
1. SYF Arts Presentation

2. Yellowren Modern Dance Competition 

1.Certificate of Distinction

2. 1st Prize

  Hip Hop
18_(Speech Day cum JY20 celebration)  IMG_8402.jpg
SYF Arts Presentation 

Pulse! Street Dance Competition Hip Hop Junior Category

 1. Certificate of Distinction
2.  1st place 
  IT Media Club
05_Picomouse champions.JPG
(1) Inter-school Picomouse Competition @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

(2 )Picomouse Competition @ ITE Central

Champion (Gold) 
Lee Xin Hui Alyssa
Tan Jue Lin

1st Runner Up
Kelvin Wong
Ang Soon Li 

2nd Runner Up
Jackie Ong

Khoo Jia Wei

(3) Ngee Ann Aero Challenge 2015 

3rd Runner Up Winners
Ong Jackie (2E1)
Low Yi Shun (2A1)
Jeremy Sim Qi Jun (1E2)

(4) Engineering and Science Challenge

Kelvin Wong (3E1)
Marcus Lee (3E2)

Roy Teo (2E1)
Tan Jue Lin (2E2)
Khoo Jia Wei (2E2)

1. Inter-school Picomouse Competition
Gold, Silver and Bronze

2. Picomouse Competition @ ITE Central - Champion

3. Ngee Ann Aero Challenge
3rd Runner Up

4. ESC 2015


  NCC (Sea)20608289152_448fe8c9c7_o.jpg
1. Bends and Hitches Competition (Female Cadet Leaders Category) -- Champion (Annabel 3A1, Nurin 3A2)

2. Kayaking Competition
Female Junior Cadets Singles Category
3rd (Syasya 1T1)

3. Kayaking Competition
Female Senior Cadets Singles Category
4th (Doreen Ng 2A1)

4. Kayaking Competition
Female Senior Cadets Doubles Category 4th (Doreen Ng and Aurelia 2A1)

5. Shooting Competition
Cadet Leaders Category
1st in the Sea District

Best Unit Competition – Bronze

 NCDCC20623977671_3ccbe969d0_o.jpgUnit Overall Performance Award Bronze 

  M1 Challenge ‘C’ Division  Silver
Strategic Games ClubSGC.JPG
  National Schools Individual Chess Championships (West Zone) ‘C’ Boys Division  Merit – Yap Zhao Yi

22_C Div Soccer.jpg 
  1. National School Games (West Zone)
‘C’ & ‘B’ Boys Division

2. Ulu Pandan Sports Xperience Street Soccer Tournament

1. Qualify for 2nd Round

2. 2nd Place