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I-Star Award

Introduced by Juying's principal Mdm Soh Beng Mui since 2019, the prestigious I-STAR Award accords recognition to well deserving students who achieve academic excellence, demonstrate and espouse the school R2IGHT values and are considered role models for all others in the school.  It is awarded to a deserving student of each level at the end of the year.


Zhi Yan is the epitome of hard work and commitment, an extremely industrious girl who is constantly looking to better herself. Her attitude is positive and she is very receptive to feedback. Her humility is one of the main reasons why she is well-liked by her peers.

Despite her commitments, Zhi Yan always finds time to help her peers out and readily offers academic support. Her tenacity towards improving herself has proven to be contagious and this has led many of her classmates to form study groups with her to better themselves as well.

All in all, she has positively influenced her class and is a leader in more ways than one. As a graduating student, we believe she will continue to grow and perform admirably in her future endeavours.

Mdm Soh with our Secondary 1, Secondary 2  and Secondary 3 I-STAR recipients