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I-Star Award

Introduced by Juying's principal Mdm Soh Beng Mui since 2019, the prestigious I-STAR Award accords recognition to well deserving students who achieve academic excellence, demonstrate and espouse the school R2IGHT values and are considered role models for all others in the school.  It is awarded to a deserving student of each level at the end of the year.



Purobi is a diligent and tenacious student who constantly strives for excellence. She consistently submits work of high quality and is never shy to clarify any doubts. As a result, she has maintained stellar grades throughout the academic year. Apart from her academics, Purobi has also demonstrated responsibility in juggling various commitments including her student council and ALP champion duties. Through all of these, Purobi has remained a humble and approachable student, who is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. An exemplary JYian, Purobi is undoubtedly well liked and respected by all her peers.


Wei Heng is a consistent pillar of support for many of his peers, both in his class and CCA. He is a positive influence to people around him and is able to rally people towards shared goals. Wei Heng also contributes actively to building a positive school culture. In class, he leads the class in their bonding games during CIT. In his CCA, he takes on leadership roles proactively in many projects that he was involved in. Together with the Sec 2 student councillors, Wei Heng was involved in the planning of the Gratitude segment during the Cohort Camp. As an individual, Wei Heng sets high expectations for himself and his consistent academic results are testament to his conscientious efforts. Congratulations, Wei Heng!


Zenith is an embodiment of the school values. Throughout the year, he has exhibited an unrelenting pursuit for academic excellence. His steady diligence and discipline is fuelled by his continual desire to learn and grow even in the face of setbacks, showing a reflective and mature perspective on how he can always be the best version of himself. He is a source of inspiration for those around him and he continues to show humility and graciousness in how he willingly shares his knowledge and expertise with his peers.  Zenith shows integrity in even the smallest things and is not only willing to take responsibility for his actions but is also sincere in his apologies, which is not often seen in others. His quiet leadership and genuine demeanour continue to endear him to all who meet him, both teachers and students alike. This makes him a worthy recipient of the iSTAR award.


Brendon is a highly determined and responsible individual who is intrinsically motivated to excel. He sets high targets for himself and commits to working towards achieving his goals. Despite the heavy workload and his multiple commitments, Brendon is gracious in offering academic support to his peers, be it in self-arranged study groups or spontaneous requests from his classmates. When faced with challenges, Brendon remains undaunted and perseveres with grit and tenacity. As the captain of the badminton boys team, Brendon often sought ways to motivate his team and spur them on during trainings and competitions. His humble and steadfast nature makes him a great friend, a role model, and a source of inspiration to many.


Zhi Yan is the epitome of hard work and commitment, an extremely industrious girl who is constantly looking to better herself. Her attitude is positive and she is very receptive to feedback. Her humility is one of the main reasons why she is well-liked by her peers.

Despite her commitments, Zhi Yan always finds time to help her peers out and readily offers academic support. Her tenacity towards improving herself has proven to be contagious and this has led many of her classmates to form study groups with her to better themselves as well.

All in all, she has positively influenced her class and is a leader in more ways than one. As a graduating student, we believe she will continue to grow and perform admirably in her future endeavours.

Mdm Soh with our Secondary 1, Secondary 2  and Secondary 3 I-STAR recipients