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Art & Craft Club

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Organisation Chart

Ms Roslin Rahim (IC)
Mr Abdol Rahim
Ms Sabirah Husnah

Art Instructor
Ms Sarah Abdul Kadir

Executive Committee 
PresidentStella Ng Hui Li (3E1)
Vice-PresidentKhoo Kai Lin (3A1)


To allow vast exposure of different art forms for students to experience and master.


Inspiring learning through arts and arousing passion for art. 


The Art Club aims to enhance the student’s passion as well as foster their self-confidence through a series of activities that comprises both traditional and modern arts. The Art Club also takes part in various art competitions to challenge our students so as to further develop their skills and showcase their abilities.

Through the weekly practice, students are empowered by their engagement in various art forms, such as acrylic and batik painting, that aims to develop them into confident, articulate and creative JYians. They will also learn to contribute to the community (e.g. participate in Flag Day) and transform themselves into an active concerned citizen of Singapore.

This year, our senior Art Club members (Sec 3s) have come up with a brilliant idea on how to give back to the school. They worked hard by clocking in the extra CCA hours to complete a total of about 140 keychains (personally handcrafted) for the entire staff member of Juying Secondary School! Just in time for our yearly Teachers’ & EAS’ day!

CCA Schedule

CCA VenueCCA Day
Art RoomFriday 3 pm - 6 pm


2018Yellowren Canvas Art CompetitionCertificate of Participation
2018Draw My Stamp Story Art CompetitionCertificate of Participation
2018Singapore Youth Festival Art ExhibitionCertificate of Participation
2017Design for Good Youth CompetitionFinalist
2017Yellowren Arts FestivalCertificate of Participation
2017Draw My Stamp Story Art CompetitionCertificate of Participation
2016SYF Motif Design CompetitionCertificate of Participation
2015SG50 Art Competition atThe Frontier Community ClubGold
2015UNESCO Art Education Week Cyber ExhibitionBronze
2015Yellowren Canvas Art CompetitionCertificate of Participation


3D Pop Art using recyclable materials and acrylic paint
Concentration is key when doing observational drawing
5.JPGStudent’s work on their own version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night
Another masterpiece on their own adaptation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night
A full shot with everyone!
At JCUBE for VIA Flag Day 2019
2.JPGT stands for Teamwork!
4.JPGSerious mode on!
Handcrafted keychain for all our teachers for Teachers’ Day 2019