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The AV & IT Club aims to develop JYians to be healthy-bodied and moral-minded. The club provides students with an avenue for character development through leadership training, fostering camaraderie and social integration. 

Led by committed staff, the AV & IT Club helps generate a willingness in pupils to excel in their relevant specialisations, while being morally discerning individuals through the R3IGHT approach.


The AV & IT Club provides a supportive and positive learning experience. In each session, students are empowered to further develop their understanding of: Audio/Visual technology, Digital Photography, Mastery of Chinese Chess and Robotics. They are also encouraged to provide support to the school in these areas of specialty. Students learn how to operate digital single reflex cameras and audio/visual systems, programming, editing software, and working in groups.


The AV & IT Club provides a platform for students to pick up knowledge and skills in the domains of audiovisual, robotics, Chinese chess and photography. 

In the Audio Visual and Public Address domain (AV/PA), students undergo rigorous on-the-job training while supporting activities and events. Our training includes equipment orienteering, handling and troubleshooting, technical handling tests, teambuilding (Lower Secondary) and manpower management (Upper Secondary). In an effort to mould future leaders, current President, Vice President and EXCO of the club are given the autonomy to run CCA training under the watchful eyes of the teachers-in-charge who facilitates the CCA. 

In the Computing, Robotics and Enterprise (CRE8Media) Robotics domain, students are trained to code and program autonomous robots such as Picomouse, Line Tracing robots and remote-controlled Sumobots through a series of theory and practical lessons. Each year, teams are sent to participate in various Picomouse competitions. 

In the Interschool Picomouse Competition 2018, the Robotics Team clinched the Gold Award. In the Singapore Robotics Games 2017, our intrepid teams won the Gold and Silver awards. The tenacity of the teams did not stop there as they also clinched Gold in the 2017 Inter-School Picomouse Competition.

In the recent World Robotics Games (WRG) 2018, our team took home both the Gold & Silver trophies and Robotics Vice-President, Khairul Anwar went on to win the Overall SumoBot (Legged) Royal Rumble trophy. In the WRG 2017, our students won the Gold and Bronze in the Sumobot (Legged) Senior Category while competing against International teams from China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Coding is another core activity in CRE8Media Robotics. Students are trained to be conversant and self-directed in Python programming. The Computational Thinking concepts are developed through visual programming platforms such as Scratch,, and other online platforms.  In the StrITwise Hackathon @ Ngee Ann Poly where 64 secondary students participated in an overnight Hackathon where they pitted their programming skills against one another to build the most innovative and creative game over 2 days and 1 night. Two teams from our CRE-8 Robotics Club, wowed the judges with their Python programming skills and walked away with the 2nd Prize.    

In Game Apps Development, Juying's CRE8Media Robotics students learn to code game apps to be launched on the Android platform on the Google Play Store. In 2017,  3 of our Secondary 3 students (Teo Shi Jie, Kenneth Teo & Jeremy Sim) developed Project Newton that is now available on the Google PlayStore.  This endeavour is continued in 2018 with more games lined up to be launched by other aspiring game coders in the club.

In Chinese Chess, students attend each session to learn the maneuvers and counter-moves on the chessboard. With the routine and structure as well as the intimate nature of the sessions, our student players can hone their skills in a safe environment while interacting and getting to know their opponents cum team members well. With the targeted training and help from their chess coach, 40% of the members managed to clinch Bronze trophies in the Yuhua Cup this year. 

In Photography, students are trained to effectively utilise a myriad of photography skills to aid them in taking stunning pictures during school and external events. Students also get the opportunity to try out different camera models from our DSLR range, along with specialised lenses. These skills are also refined when students get the opportunity to attend photography workshops such as the VJC-Canon Photography Exposé VIII. 

Through means of providing support for the school and participation in competitions, students are able to put into practice the school values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Teamwork.

CCA Schedule

CCA VenueCCA Day
Computer Lab 1 and 4Friday 3 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart

Mr Kartik Raj (IC)
Mr Tan Meng Hwee (Advisor)
Mr Rudie Asmara
Ms Corinne Yu
Mdm Shurtini Sayuti 
Ms Tricia Lee
Mr Elvinardy Darwin

Executive Committee 
PresidentShiu Jia Shun, Ivan
Vice-PresidentJovan Tay Yu Jia
 SecretaryNicolas Tan Yi Xuan
EventsKhairul Anwar B Shaari (Robotics)
Events Muhammad Shafiq B Anuar (AVPA)
EventsEiqa Ameliana Binte Mohamed Rizal (Photography)
Training ICLiang Yuxuan (Robotics)
 Training ICDinesh Kumar S/O Ashok Kumar (AVPA)
Training IC Fatin Humaira Bte Hemran (Photography)
 WelfareCheong An Jie (Robotics)
WelfareChing Yan Kai, Xavier (AVPA)
WelfareGlenys Siow Jun Ting (Photography)


World Robot Games (WRG) Singapore - SumoBot (Legged) 2018
World Robot Games (WRG) Singapore 2018 -
Line Tracer Robot Category

Gold, Silver
Silver, Bronze
Singapore Robotic Games (SRG) - Picomouse Competition 2018Gold 
 World Robot Games (WRG) Singapore 2017 -
Sumo Legged Robot (Senior Category)
 Singapore Robotic Games (SRG) - Picomouse Competition 2017

Engineering Explorer - Picomouse Competition 2017  Gold
StrITwise® Hackathon 2017: Programming Made Simple 2nd Prize
StrITwise® Rogue War Final Battle 2017 Participation 
 Yuhua Chinese Chess Tournament 2017Bronze 
 Singapore Robotic Games (SRG) - Picomouse Competition 2016Gold
Inter School Picomouse Competition 2016Gold
 World Robot Games (WRG) Singapore 2016
Best Performance and Most Persevering
 StrITwise® Hackathon 2016 Silver
 Singapore Robotic Games (SRG) - Picomouse Competition 2015 Champion
 Engineering Explorer - Picomouse Competition 2015 Champion
 Engineering and Science Challenge 2015 Champion 
 Ngee Ann Polytechnic Aerochallenge Competition 4th Place 


  • Audio Visual, Information and Communications Technology Equipment Training
  • Audio Visual, Information and Communications Technology Support for School Events & Activities
  • Photography Training
  • Canon PhotoChallenge
  • Picomouse Training
  • Picomouse Competitions
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic Aero Challenge Competition
  • World Robot Games (WRG)
  • Micro:bit Advanced DigitalMaker Training
  • Game Apps Development
  • Code Combat Competition
  • External Training
  • Learning Journeys
  • Sports Education Program - Kayaking
  • Team Building Activities
  • Community Involvement Project


SRG 2018 [1] copy.jpgNational Champions
Singapore Robotics Games (Picomouse) 
Junior Category.
SRG 2018 hackers.jpgHacking the Google Voice Box at the 
2018 StrITwise Hackathon organised 
by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
IMG-20180922-WA0006.jpgGilbert competing in the 2nd Singapore Chess Association member Tournament at
Bishan Community Club
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-31 at 3.44.36 PM.jpegSilver & Bronze award winners at the World Robot Games (WRG) 2018 (Line Tracing Robot) 
VWRG 2018 (2).jpgGold & Silver award winners at the World Robot Games (WRG) 2018 (Sumobot Legged Category)
WRG_day_2018-800.jpg A good day at World Robot Games 2018 
 Prize presentation ceremony for the
World Robot Games 2018
 Photography learning journey


AVT crew making sure the PA system is in tip top condition (1)AVT crew ensuring the PA system is in tip top condition 
CRE8 Students engaged in GameMaker programmingCRE8 Students engaged in GameMaker programming
Sharing on Sphere with Microbit by CRE8 at West Zone ICT Seminar Clusters sharing on Sphero SPRK+ with microbit by CRE8Robotics at West Zone ICT Seminar 
Our Juying Robotics students planning out a SPRK+ experiment Our Juying Robotics students planning out a 
SPRK+ experiment
Pixels Team trying out light painting 1 Pixels Team trying out light painting
newton2-800.pngProject Newton Games App developed by our Sec 3 coders now available on the Google PlayStore 
In the World Robotics Games (WRG) 2017, our Robotics Team from CRE8Media clinched the Gold and Bronze Awards for the Sumo Legged Robot (Senior Category). Our students also participated in the Line Tracing Robot category and commanded an impressive presence. Some were also appointed the official match referees for the Fire Fighting Robot tournaments which saw competing teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and China. It was a great learning experience over the 3 days of competition. 

Audio Visual and Information and Communications Technology Equipment Trainings and Support

Providing AV/PA support during school event
Training on AV equipment conducted by Vice President (in foreground)
Training on AV equipment 


Photography on-the-job training
Practice shots for Photography during CCA
Photography-4Outdoor practice shoot at Chinatown for Photography members