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English Literary, Drama & Debate Society (ELDDS)

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To nurture every ELDDS member into a confident and creative member, who is able to express himself/herself articulately in the realm of oratory and dramatisation via the use of English.


To expose members to different forms of dramatisation and oratorical skills and ignite a passion and love for theatre arts, argumentation and public speaking. 


This year, the Drama members saw great value in taking part in HVDF 2018, where they endeavoured to portray the importance of neighbourliness, empathy and kindness in our community. They had selected the most pertinent issue to them today and even penned down their own script ‘Neighbour Woes’ for the competition. This year also saw the Drama members embarking on a new challenge. ELDDS was ambitious and collaborated with four other Performing Arts CCA (Cultural Dance, Hip Hop, Show Choir, Symphonic Band) and the AVPA Crew to give a stunning parody performance, Aladdin’s Lump for their teachers. Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s Lump and not Lamp! The members slogged hard for two months to push themselves to the limits, by not only acting, but also dancing and singing. 
A musical in 2020 perhaps?  The members have certainly come a long way.   

2018 is also a monumental year, as we started an official Debate team to hone argumentative and oratorical skills in our Debaters. As exposure, the members had a friendly with Kranji Secondary’s Debate team in April. Next year will see the members stepping out of their comfort zone to take part in the Nationals.

CCA Schedule

CCA VenueCCA Day OneCCA Day Two
AVA Room / L4 Classrooms (Compassion Block)Monday 4 pm - 6 pmFriday 3 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart


Ms Elydia Binte Azman (IC) 
Mrs Francesca D'Armancourt
Ms Teoh Cheng Ling
Mr Yee Jen Siong

Drama Instructor
Ms Nur Atika Binte Mawan

Debate Instructor
Mr Timothy Sng
Mr Edwin Tham

Upper Sec Executive Committee
PresidentKyar Phyu Sung Hnin (3E2)
Vice-PresidentMary Naing (3E2)
SecretarySiti Noor Aisha Bte Jumari (3E2)
Welfare ICRyzz Adriana Bte Mohammad H (3A2)
Publicity ICFreida Iryana Bte Jailani (3E2)
Publicity 2ICNur Alycia Bte Halmie (3E2)

Competitions & Achievements

Human Values Drama Festival (HVDF) 2018 Certificate of Particiaption


Lions Club Pasir Ris Beach Clean Up VIAMay
Excursion to Lion King MusicalAugust
Teachers’ Day Musical PerformanceAugust


Photo 1.jpeg
A confrontation between neighbours 
Photo 2.jpeg
Listening attentively to comments by judges for their play ‘Neighbour Woes’ 
Photo 3.jpeg
Celebratory Picture after
Human Values Drama Festival 2018
Photo 4.jpeg Saying farewell to our beloved Sec 4s 
Photo 5.jpeg
 A full shot with everyone
Photo 6.jpeg
At the beach for our VIA clean-up 
Photo 7.jpeg
Amidst rehearsals for Teachers’ Day 
Photo 8.jpeg
 With all our Performing Arts friends
Photo 9.jpeg
Jittery butterflies before our 30 minute Musical Performance for our teachers 
Photo 10.jpeg
 In the middle of it all! 


CCA recognition dayCCA Recognition Day
2.jpg CCA Day
3.jpgCCA Reflections
SYF RehearsalSYF Rehearsal at the Black Box
SYF PerformanceFeeling jittery right before SYF Performance 
team spirit Team spirit!
smiles and relief Smiles and relief after the performance! 
being dramatic Being dramatic