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Green Club

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The Green Club engages its members on environmental awareness in a fun and meaningful way through structured programmes and activities that encourage and empower students to make a difference on planet earth for generations to come. 

The lower secondary Green Club members are dedicated to look after and maintain the plants and green areas of our school on a regular basis. They are also responsible for beautifying other areas in the school including the staff toilets and taking charge of the Green Wave 2017 event. This year, to celebrate the Green Wave 2017, our Vice Principal, 
Mr Peter Quah, had planted a Guava sapling plant near the security guard post.  

The Upper Secondary members are involved with the recycling and upcycling activities. They organised The Green Spark, a termly upcycling project which aims to share simple ways to reuse materials and reduce our footprint and 
had conducted a mini-workshop to inspire others to repurpose, reuse and upcycle the unused items creatively. 

The Green Club senior members made Plastic Bottle Zipper Container for Teachers’ Day gift.

CCA Schedule

CCA VenueCCA Day
IT Rm 1 / Ideas Rm 2
Friday 2 pm - 4 pm

Organisation Chart

Ms Nor Diana Ahmad (IC) 
Mr Billy Goh 

Executive Committee 
President Irina Insyirah Bte Muhamad H (3E1)
Vice-President Yew Qian Ju, Aryaan (3A2)
 Secretary Sim Li Ling (3E1)
Welfare IC Bay Jeline (3A1)
Publicity IC
Gan Jing Yi (3A1) 
 Publicity 2IC Lee Kah Yain (3A2)


SG World Water Day _Mar 2017
SG World Water Day _Mar 2017
Singapore World Water Day [March 2017]
Earth Hour 2017 _MarFitness Run Recycling _Apr 2017
Earth Hour [Mar 2017] Fitness Run Recycling Activity [Apr 2017] 

Green Wave 2017

Green Wave 2017 _MayGreen Wave 2017 _May

Teachers' Day Upcycling Gift 2017

7. Teachers_ day upcycling gift _Aug
8. Teachers_ day upcycling gift _Aug
9. Teachers_ day upcycling gift _Aug
Teachers_ day upcycling gift _Aug
Teachers_ day upcycling gift _Aug