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Cultural Dance

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Inculcating values through the love of arts.


A platform to inculcate interest and strengthen character through Cultural Dance.


The Cultural Dance has been actively involved in school and outdoor performances with a variety of dance styles including Chinese Contemporary, Jazz Dance, K-Pop and Modern dance.

This was possible with the care and guidance of the CCA teachers-in-charge, Mdm Diyana, Ms Ho Sing Ern, and Ms Chen Yonghua. Most notably, our instructor, Ms Teng Ru Hui had coached our dancers on relevant dance skills, knowledge and choreography.

The students develop their understanding of the basic dance skills through the varied dance styles that help them to structure and strengthen their knowledge of dances.

The Cultural Dance has received Achieved Accomplishment for Singapore Youth Festival Aesthetic Performance 2017 for its first entry in a Chinese Dance category despite having 30% Chinese students as members.

Every November, Cultural Dance conducts a bonding camp. Through this camp, students learn more about one another and learn to respect other ethnicity and religions. It also provides the opportunity for students to display their graciousness by looking out for others and exposed to cultural dance knowledge through teamwork and sharing.

The Cultural Dance continuously acts as a platform that supports and further develops the character building of students in Juying Secondary School.


1.  To provide a relevant and exciting learning experience to inculcate an aesthetic appreciation of dance.
2.  To provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents through school and outdoor platforms.
3.  To provide opportunities for students to give back to society through VIA.

Target by Level

Sec 1 : 
  • To perform at least 1 performance in school
  • To understand the basic dance steps
  • To demonstrate good posture appropriate for relevant dance steps 
Sec 2 :
  • 100% of Sec 2 Cultural dancers to be involve in 1 external performance
  • To master the basic dance steps
  • To have perfection in movements 
Sec 3/4/5 :
  • To lead for Teacher’s Day performance
  • To show expressive dancing
  • To conduct bonding games/activities in 1 bonding camp
  • To dance gracefully with expression and perfection.

CCA Schedule

Practice VenuePractice Day OnePractice Day Two
Dance StudioWednesday 4 pm - 6 pmFriday 3 pm - 5 pm

Organisation Chart

Mdm Diyana Kartini (IC)
Ms Ho Sing Ern
Ms Chen Yonghua

Dance Instructor
Ms Teng Ru Hui

Executive Committee
CaptainSiti Nur Hayarah Bte Mohamed Shah (3E1)
Vice-Captain Shazana Alysha Bte Shaiful (3A2)
 SecretaryTan Li Xuan Elrica (3A2)
 Welfare ICChee Le Xuan (3E1) 
 Publicity ICCelest Pan Xue Qi (3A1)
 Publicity 2ICNur Azliana Bte Mohamad Fahrazi (3A1)


Competition  AchievementsPeriod
SYF Arts Presentation   Certificate of Accomplishment 2017
  SYF Arts Presentation Certificate of Distinction 
(Malay Contemporary Category)
Yellowren Modern Dance Competition Gold Award2015
 SYF Arts Presentation Certificate of Accomplishment
(Malay Contemporary Category)

List of Activities & Performances

Activity / PerformancePeriod
Juying Secondary School Chinese New Year Celebrations 2018January 2018
Gek Poh Ville Community Club Chinese New Year Gala Dinner February 2018
 Singapore Youth Festival Extravaganza 2018 at Bukit Panjang PlazaJuly 2018
National Day Celebrations at Nanyang Community ClubAugust 2018
 Arts and Health Festival 2018 at JurongHealth CampusAugust 2018

Activities & Programmes (2018)

1.jpgChinese-themed dance for school Chinese
New Year Celebrations.
2.jpgThe beauty of our dancers dancing to a Chinese-themed dance.
3.jpgTogetherness in harmony.
4.jpg Rehearsing for Perfection.
5.jpegModern dance piece for Singapore Youth Festival 2018 Extravaganza at Bukit Panjang Plaza.
6.jpgOur swift dancers flying high for National Day Parade at Nanyang Community Club.
7.jpgSecondary 1 dancers performing during the Teacher’s Day celebration 2018.
8.jpgMeal time during camp is awesome!
9.jpgBonding camp is the time to get to know one another inside out.
10.jpg Act it out with dance postures!
CNY 1.jpgOur dancer, Jie Lin, smiles at the audience during the Chinese New Year celebrations performance in school.
CNY 2.jpgVice-captain, Shazana, performing for the Chinese New Year celebrations in school.