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Symphonic Band

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Juying Symphonic Band_ where Every Note is a Joy!


One Band, One Sound.


To develop musical and character excellence, a love for music and a sense of camaraderie in members of the symphonic band.


Juying Symphonic Band is a family comprising youths who seek to pursue musical and character excellence. It is a place where all members’ strengths are embraced. Their skills are developed through training and performing together.  

Regardless of one’s musical background, our teachers and instructors are committed to nurture every student to fulfil one’s fullest potential. With a strong alumni support and a culture of mentorship and care, Juying Symphonic Band continues to sustain our musical achievements by clinching the Certificate of Accomplishment at the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Concert Bands. 

We have continued to maintain strong partnerships with organisations to give the band many opportunities to share their love for performing with the public.

We, in Juying Symphonic Band, will continue to dedicate ourselves in the pursuit of our mission and we welcome youths with a passion for symphonic music to join us. Stay tuned as we write our next chapter in 2019.

CCA Schedule

Practice VenuePractice Day OnePractice Day Two
Band Room / AVA RoomWednesday 3.30 pm - 6 pmFriday 1.30 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart

Mr Albert Lui (IC)
Mdm Rozana Salleh
Ms Raudhah Rizal
Mdm Li Jing

Resident Conductor 
Mr Jasen How

Executive Committee
Band MajorCallista Yong Pei Ling (3A2)
Drum MajorRuth Lim (3A1)


SYF Arts Presentation 2017  Certificate of Accomplishment
5th Singapore International Band Festival (SIBF) Competition 2016
Certificate of Participation
SYF Arts Presentation 2015Certificate of Accomplishment


Gek Poh Ville Community Club Chinese New Year Gala DinnerFebruary
Band Music Outreach Programme at Bukit Batok Community ClubMarch
 Annual Band CampJune
 Teachers’ & EAS Day August
Exchange Program with Guangyang Sec, Manjusri Sec, Pei Hwa Sec and Broadrick SecNovember


Juying Symphonic Band Open House Display


NIE Band Mentorship Experience

Exchange Program with Manjusri Sec, Broadrick Sec, Greenview Sec,
Guangyang Sec and St Margaret’s

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Annual Band CampJune

Symphony by the Gardens Performance @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

 Band Concert ExcursionOctober
 Tony Memmel ConcertNovember

Juying Secondary School Performing Arts Showcase at The Frontier Community ClubJanuary
SYF Military Band Arts Presentation ShowApril
Singapore International Band Festival Competition July
Gala Concert by Kasetsart University Winds Symphonic and Nond-See Orchestra WindsJuly
Workshop with International Adjudicator Bert Aalders   July 
National Day Concert Performance at PioneerAugust 
   Juying Secondary School National Day ParadeAugust 
   Annual Band cum Combined Performing Arts CampOctober

Band Talent Development Programme

Talent Development ProgrammeOrganiserBand Student(s) involved
Band Student Conductor Camp 2017
Arts Education BranchLim Yan Ling (3E1)
 Drum Major Camp 2017 Arts Education Branch  Alycia Lim Jia Min (3E3)
 Rudimental Drumming Workshop 2017 Singapore Armed Forces Ong Jian Da Eugene (3T1)
Abraham Lim Jing Kang (3E2)
Elaine Ong Xue Ning (3E1)

 Chingay 2017People’s Association Lim Yan Ling (3E1) 
 Band Student Conductor Camp 2016 Arts Education Branch Wong Xin Yi, Laryn (3A1)
Mobile Music Making Competition 2016Republic PolytechnicLim Si Xian, Mavis (3E1)
Drum Major Camp 2016Arts Education Branch Zoey Yeoh (3A1) 
Rudimental Drumming Workshop 2016Singapore Armed ForcesOng Jian Da Eugene (2T1)
Abraham Lim Jing Kang (2E3) 

Join Us! Here’s why…

Ernest Yeong Bo Wen
Sec 1E3
"I joined band because I felt that I can have more discipline then I did before. I can strengthen bonds by approaching some of my seniors for help whenever I am struggling. Also in band, you get to try out new instruments and learn music-related things, which is a skill that most people do not have! One of the reasons why I joined band is because of its genres that I am exposed to, for example, pop songs and classical songs . Also, you do not need a musical background in order to join band. I used to play the piano three years ago but after that I stopped learning. That meant  I had forgotten everything that I learned during my piano music lessons. So joining band was like a brand new start on my musical journey. I hope that this testimonial will inspire you to join the Juying Symphonic Band!"
Frisya Fitriah 
Sec 2E1
 “I think the Sec One students should join the Symphonic Band as it is a great opportunity to learn about music and we also get to play an instrument. Besides that, you will also be exposed to a huge repertoire, ranging from pop songs to classical pieces. Playing these different genres is a lot of fun! In addition, our instructor would always entertain us with jokes to make the practice more enjoyable so that it would not feel tedious. What I like about being in band is that we are always supporting each other. Every time when we have difficulty playing a certain part, our bandmates would always encourage and support us. For me, being the Assistant Band Major has really helped me to step up and I am more confident in myself.”
Ruth Lim
Sec 3A1
Drum Major 2018-2019
"Band changed my life! Band was not my first choice when I was in Secondary 1, but now that I am in Secondary 3 and am a Drum Major of Juying Symphonic Band, I never regretted joining band. Band exposed me to a lot of things, in music, leadership and self-awareness. Juying Symphonic Band introduced me to different types of music: pop, classical, march and many other genres. I gained discipline, responsibility, selflessness, and a quick reflex. I can never be more than thankful to my instructors, my teachers in charge, and my seniors and alumni who helped me through my 3 years in Band. I know my weaknesses and strengths even better now that I have become a leader myself, learning to lead the whole band. I quote, "courage is not having the strength to go on, but going on when you don't have the strength”. Being in a Band is not easy, but it's going to be worth it and you will love it. Our Band is a family, we are not just friends. I hope you will get inspired to join our family, and be part of us.
Alycia Lim Jia Min
Sec 4E3
Drum Major 2017-2018
"Being in Symphonic Band for the past 4 years has taught me many things. It has taught me never to give up, to persevere towards my goals. Symphonic Band gives many opportunities to each deserving member, allowing each member to gain experience and knowledge along the way. Band is not just a CCA, it is a family where many find solace in because everyone looks out for everyone. Under the tutelage of the good teachers and instructors, it has honed me to become the person that I am today. I am thankful for Band as the teachers and instructors focus on cultivating good habits, attitude and personality. There are many things that I had learned in Symphonic Band which are used in my daily life and will be remembered even after I graduate." 
Lim Yan Ling
Sec 4E1
Band Major 2017-2018

"Over the past four years as a leader and a member of the band, I have learned many valuable lessons. I have learned to be adaptable as there are times when things did not go according to plan. As a leader I learned to be able to quickly think of solutions and to work with what I have so that it would not affect the members. Also, I have become a more confident individual. This is because as a leader I have to step out of my comfort zone and lead a big group of people. I am thankful to teachers-in-charge and instructors for their invaluable guidance as I am now able to speak up in front of a crowd and be more confident of myself."


Full band rehearsal 
Section rehearsal during CCA
Section rehearsal during CCA
 Section rehearsal during CCA
 Section rehearsal during CCA
Chinese New Year performance at Gek Poh Ville Community Club


Band Music Outreach Programme at Bukit Batok Community Club