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Motivated sportsperson who strive for excellence.


To nurture sportsmanship in our players through trainings and competitions.


2018 has been remarkable for Juying Secondary School’s Badminton Team. We kick-started the year by participating in the annual West Zone Inter-school Badminton Championship. Our ‘B’ Division girls and ‘C’ Division boys teams managed to enter the second round of the championship. It was no easy feat to be up against strong competitors but our players showed great sportsmanship. 

Furthermore, we have also participated in various tournaments throughout the year to expose our players to various levels of competition and to hone their skills. One of our girls’ team, comprising players from Secondary 1 to 3, entered the quarter-finals in the Wee Kim Wee Badminton Trophy Challenge for the first time.


Besides developing our students’ passion for the sport, we also hope to cultivate values of compassion and empathy in our students. This year, our CCA will be participating in a values-in-action project to pack food that will be distributed to needy families during Deepavali. In addition to being athletic and strong sportsmen, we hope to nurture our Badminton players into virtuous citizens of the society.

CCA Schedule

Training VenueTeamTraining Day OneTraining Day Two
Multi-Purpose HallBoysWednesday 4 pm - 6 pmFriday 3 pm - 6 pm
Multi-Purpose Hall
GirlsTuesday 4 pm - 6 pmThursday 4 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart

Ms Rachel Tham (IC) 
Mr Chen Guowei 
 Ms Shinderjeet Kaur
Mr Chuah Soon Ann

Mr Wong Poh Yung Jeron
Mr Nasar Uddin Opu

Executive Committee (Boys Team)
CaptainLee Yong Xian (3A2)
Vice-CaptainLoh Jiaxing (3E2)

Executive Committee (Girls Team)
CaptainChua Jia Xuan (3E1)
Vice-CaptainZhang Yi Ting (3E2)


 West Zone Badminton Championships 2019  'B and 'C' Division Girls and 'C' Division Boys
Second Preliminary Round)
 West Zone Badminton Championships 2018 'B' Division Girls and 'C' Division Boys
Second Preliminary Round)
 Wee Kim Wee Badminton Challenge Trophy 2018Girls Team
(Quarter Finals)
West Zone Badminton Championships 2017'C' Division Girls
(Second Preliminary Round)
 Decathlon Tampines West CSC Badminton Tournament 2017 hosted by Tampines West CSCBoys U14 Singles - Champion
Low Jun Kai, Isaiah (3E2)

Girls U16 Singles - Runner up
Teoh Ci Sin (3A1)

Boys U14 Singles - Second Runner up
Lim You Jun (3E3)
Jay Pang Wei Ler (3E1)
 Cashew Badminton Competition 2016
 (Women's Single)
 1st Place Teoh Ci Sin (2A2)
 Singapore National Games 2016 2nd Runner up Teoh Ci Sin (2A2)
West Zone Badminton Championships ‘B’ Division Boys 2015Second Preliminary Round


West Zone Badminton ChampionshipsJan-Feb
Wee Kim Wee Badminton Challenge TrophyJune
Kayaking Orientation Programme for Sec 1sJuly
Badminton Annual CampNov


Boys Battle of the captains.jpg

Battle of the captains
Boys Brandon and Min in action.jpgBrandon and Min in action
Boys Coach Opu coaching the sec 1s.JPGCoach Opu coaching the sec 1s 
Boys Fight on! Think of possible ways to overcome your opponent.JPG
Fight on! Think of possible ways to overcome your opponent
Boys Jack and Ivan in action.JPG
Jack and Ivan in action
Boys Jian Yang in action.JPG
Jian Yang in action
Boys Random team shot - Jaydon_Xavie_YongXian_Michael_Min_JingKai_WeiBin_Brian_WeiXiang_Travis.JPG
The boys taking a short break from training
Boys Sec 4s leading the physical activities.JPG
 Sec 4s leading the physical activities
Girls 2 Fayth and Angel in action (WZ Badminton Championship).JPG
 Fayth and Angel in action in the
West Zone competition
Girls 3 Jiaxuan and Coach Jeron (WZ Badminton Championship).JPG
Jiaxuan and Coach Jeron during the
West Zone competition
Girls 4 Girls Team 1 (WKW Challenge Trophy).JPG
Girls Team 1 in the Wee Kim Wee Badminton
Challenge Trophy
Girls 5 Girls Team 2 (WKW Challenge Trophy).JPG
 Girls Team 2 in the Wee Kim Wee Badminton
Challenge Trophy
Farewell for Senior Girls.JPG
 Farewell for Senior Girls


Badminton orientation gamesSecondary 1 Girls orientation games planned by 
senior girls
Badminton CNY celebrationAnnual Chinese New Year Celebration Lo Hei
3 Badminton.JPGA team picture of ‘B’ Division Boys and Coach Jeron 
at West Zone Inter-school Badminton Championship
Badminton C-div girls‘C’ Division Girls doing their warm up at West Zone 
Inter-school Badminton Championship
Badminton badminton challenge 2017Eprilim, Angel and Ci Sin at Republic Polytechnic Badminton Challenge 2017
Badminton girls.JPG7 Badminton Girls were amongst the Top 10 in their respective levels for the school’s annual Fitness Run
Badminton ASEAN youth games.JPGBadminton Boys spectating ASEAN Youth Games 
at the new Tampines Hub
Badminton coach briefing.JPGCoach Jeron briefing the boys before a game
10 Badminton.JPGOur Boys team with the ACSI Boys Team after a 
friendly tournament
Badminton Carnival 2017At the Badminton Carnival 2017 with Mr Chen
1. B Div Boys.JPGOur senior badminton boys
2. Coach briefing during Friendly with Admiralty Sec.JPGCoach Jeron's briefing during the friendly match with Admiralty Secondary School
8 Badminton.JPGCaptain Elias and Vice-Captain You Jun competing
in a friendly game
05 Yufan in action.JPGYufan in action
04 Jun Sen in action.JPGJun Sen in action
03 Jay Pang in action.JPGJay Pang in action