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National Cadet Corps (Sea)

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To develop responsible, respectful and resilient cadets to face the challenges of the changing world and be successful citizens. 


To nurture committed cadets who are resourceful, responsible, resilient, loyal leaders and team players through fun and challenging military-related activities.


NCC tries to instill in every cadet confidence and determination. This is achieved through diverse activities whereby the mental discipline, physical fitness and endurance of each cadet is put to test. During their four or five years with NCC, cadets are imparted with basic nautical skills and knowledge through theory classes and practical fieldwork such as kayaking, bends and hitches, orienteering and shooting. Cadets also have the opportunity to undergo courses conducted by NCC HQ on the basic survival skills and First Aid.

Long Term Goal

To groom our cadets to show greater social responsibilities and to take on an increased ownership of their school, unit and committee.


2018 has been an exciting and rewarding year for our NCC (Sea) co-educational unit.   

Our NCC (Sea) unit was presented with the Silver Award in the Annual Best Unit Competition (BUC) for the year 2017, maintaining the standard set in the previous years. This award would not be possible without much sacrifices from the teacher officers, cadets, and their family members. It was heart-warming, not only seeing our cadets strive to do their best in every activity, but their parents and loved ones making time to come down and support them during the numerous events and competitions carried out throughout the year.   

On 21 May, 15 of our cadets went through the Clean Up on Kayak Leadership Programme organised by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore where they learn about marine litter. They were then able to apply their kayaking knowledge to give back to the community when they kayak down Sembawang Sea Training Centre, picking up litter as bulky as a mattress.   

This year, we participated in NCC’s inaugural Dragon Boat Regatta, fielding both a boys and girls team, with our boys’ team reaching the semi-finals of the competition and our girls’ team achieving 5th overall. Our cadets also performed well in NCC’s Annual Sea Challenge, Sports and Games (Captain’s Ball) and Sea Competition (Kayaking), with our girls impressing in numerous races and achieving a bronze medal in Junior Cadets Doubles for Kayaking. Our girls’ team also did us proud in the Road Relay finishing 1st runner-up.   

Our cadets were also the flag bearers for the National Day Observance Ceremony, commemorating Singapore’s 53rd Birthday.   

It has really been a memorable year for our NCC family. We would like to show our appreciation to everyone who has assisted and supported our cadets, ensuring they have the tools needed to be successful and to grow from each experience. As we look ahead to 2019, we will strive to improve the standard of our unit, enrich our cadets’ learning and experiences and to bring more glory to JYSS. Onwards and Upwards!  

CCA Schedule

Training VenueTraining Day
School Foyer / Parade SquareFriday 3 pm - 6 pm

Organisation Chart

Teachers In-Charge
Commanding Officer
 CPT (NCC) Ms Khoo Woei Lin
Cadet Leader Teacher Officer
LTA (NCC) Ms Lim Miao Ee, Irene
Mr Winston Lin Fengsheng
Junior Cadet Teacher Officer
LTA (NCC) Mr Enrico Tan Xin Hao
LTA (NCC) Mr Chung Zhiwen
 Senior Cadet Teacher Officer
CPT (NCC) Ms Ong Xian Qing

Unit Sergeant Major
Syed Danish Ieman Bin Syed Mosazeamie  (3E3)
Assistant Unit Sergeant Major
Quea Guan Ling (3A1)


Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)Doubles Girls : Finalist - 6th
Singles Girls : Finalist - 4th
Singles Girls : Finalist - 3rd Junior
Doubles Girls : Finalist - 4th
Senior Doubles Girls : Finalist - 5th
Dragon Boat Regatta3rd team placing2019
Unit Recognition 2018Gold2019
Dragon Boat RegattaBoys team : Semi-finalist
Girls team : 5th
Annual Orienteering Competition2nd2018
 Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)Girls (Junior Cadets Singles) : 4th
Girls (Junior Cadets Doubles) : 3rd
Girls (Senior Cadets Singles) : 5th
Girls (Senior Cadets Doubles) : 4th
Girls (Cadet Leaders Singles) : 4th
Girls (Cadet Leaders Doubles) : 4th

Road Relay CompetitionGirls team : 1st runner-up2018
 Best Unit CompetitionSilver2017
Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)4th-7th individual placing2017
Annual Sea Competition (Sea Challenge) Participation2017
Annual Orienteering CompetitionParticipation2017
Sports & Games CompetitionParticipation2017
Road Relay CompetitionParticipation2017
Best Unit CompetitionSilver2016
National Canoe Slalom Championship
NCC Sea Sec 3 Girls K1 (2nd)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Girls T1 (2nd)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Girls K1 (3rd)
NCC Sea Sec 2 Girls K1 (4th position)
NCC Sea Sec 2 Boys K1 (8th position)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Boys K1 (7th position)
NCC Sea Sec 3 Girls T2 (Finalist)
 Annual Shooting Competition Finalist2016
 Best Unit Competition Silver2015
 Bends and Hitches Competiition Female Cadet Leaders : Champion2015
Annual Shooting Competition1st in Sea District - Gold
4th overall
Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking - Singles)Female Junior Cadet : 3rd
Female Senior Cadet : 4th
Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking - Doubles)Female Senior Cadet : 4th2015
Best Unit CompetitionBronze2014

Activities by Level

Secondary 3

1-star / 2-star Kayaking Certification Course
Advanced Drills CourseMarch
Cadet Leaders Specialists’ AssessmentMarch
Specialist CourseMarch, June
Cadet Leaders Technical Handling TestMarch
Dragon boat Orientation ProgrammeApril
Mini-Kayaking ExpeditionApril
 Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE) for Cadet LeadersMay, June
Clean Up on Kayak Leadership ProgrammeMay
Cadet Leaders Individual Marksmanship Trainer (IMT)June
Dragon Boat RegattaJune, July 
Senior Specialist Leadership CourseJune, September
Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)July
Annual Sea Competition (Sea Challenge)July
Cadet Leaders SAR21 Live RangeAugust
Road Relay CompetitionAugust
Annual NCC CampNovember

Secondary 2

Camp SteelJanuary
1-star / 2-star Kayaking Certification Course
Dragon boat Orientation ProgrammeApril
Clean Up on Kayak Leadership Programme
Singapore Maritime TrailsMay
Dragon Boat RegattaJune-July
Road Relay CompetitionAugust
Annual Orienteering CompetitionOctober
Annual NCC CampNovember

Secondary 1

1-star / 2-star Kayaking Certification CourseMarch
Dragon boat Orientation ProgrammeApril
NCC Affirmation CeremonyApril
Annual Sea Competition (Sea Challenge)July
Camp ForgeJuly
Dragon Boat RegattaJune-July
 Road Relay CompetitionAugust
Sports & Games Competition (Junior Cadets - Captain's Ball) September
Annual NCC CampNovember


All ready to roar down Kallang in their dragaonboats.jpegAll ready to roar down Kallang in their dragonboats
NCC family with BUC 2017 (Silver).jpeg
NCC family with Best Unit Competition award 2017 - Silver
Getting ready to clean up the shores in their kayaks.jpeg Getting ready to clean up the shore in their kayaks
Clean Up on Kayak Leadership Programme(Cadets with their finds for the day).jpeg Clean Up on Kayak Leadership Programme (Cadets with their “finds” for the day)
Dragon Boat Regatta Team.jpegDragon Boat Regatta Team 
Junior Cadets Girls (Kayaking Doubles 3rd) with NCC Commandant.jpeg Junior Cadets Girls (Kayaking Doubles – 3rd) with NCC Commandant
Girls Team (Road Relay).jpegGirls Team (Road Relay 2nd) with NCC Commandant.jpeg

 Road Relay Girls Team participants who emerged as 1st runner up.
Junior Cadets at Sports and Games (Captains ball).jpeg Junior Cadets at Sports and Games Competition (Captain’s ball)
Standing with pride, preparing to march in the national flag.jpegStanding with pride, preparing to march with the 
national flag 
Our Road Marshals for Nanyang National Day Observance Ceremony.jpeg Our Road Marshals for Nanyang National Day Observance Ceremony