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National Cadet Corps (SEA)


The Juying NCC (SEA) cadets and teachers-in-charge looking distinguished and proud.

Juying School Leaders with our NCC (SEA) leaders.


To develop responsible, respectful and resilient cadets to face the challenges of the changing world and be successful citizens. 


To nurture committed cadets who are resourceful, responsible, resilient, loyal leaders and team players through fun and challenging military-related activities.


The NCC (SEA) Unit attained the Distinction Award for Unit Recognition (UR) for 2021.

The CCA received a chance to visit IMDEX Asia at Changi Naval Base. They were given a tour of the local and foreign warships. The opportunity to visit different booths at the Changi Exhibition Centre allowed them to learn more about courses related to the area of maritime.

NCC SEA provides a wide range of opportunities to develop leadership competencies via fitness and discipline.  These include the NCC Dragon Boat Regatta, Sea Competition (Kayaking), Road Relay and other sports and games such as captain's ball, frisbee and soccer.  

NCC SEA cadets are also given the opportunity to be the offcial school flag bearers at every National Day Observance Ceremony.

Organisation Chart

Teachers In-Charge
Commanding Officer
 MAJ (NCC) Khoo Woei Lin
Junior Cadets Teacher Officer
CPT (NCC) Ong Xian Qing
Senior Cadets Teacher Officer
MAJ (NCC) Khoo Woei Lin
Cadet Leaders Teacher Officer
LTA (NCC) Mr Chung Zhiwen
Mr Yee Jen Siong

Unit Sergeant Major
Ho Qian Yi Eleanor 3E1
Assistant Unit Sergeant Major
Bong Shi Jia 3E2

CCA Schedule

Training VenueTraining Day
School Foyer / Parade SquareFriday 2.30pm -  5pm


All ready to roar down Kallang in their dragaonboats.jpegAll ready to roar down Kallang in their dragonboats
NCC family with BUC 2017 (Silver).jpeg
NCC family with Best Unit Competition Award 2021
Getting ready to clean up the shores in their kayaks.jpeg Getting ready to clean up the shore in their kayaks
Clean Up on Kayak Leadership Programme(Cadets with their finds for the day).jpegClean Up on Kayak Leadership Programme (Cadets with their “finds” for the day)
Dragon Boat Regatta Team.jpegDragon Boat Regatta Team 
Girls Team (Road Relay).jpegGirls Team (Road Relay 2nd) with NCC Commandant.jpeg

Road Relay Girls Team participants who emerged as 1st runner up.
Junior Cadets at Sports and Games (Captains ball).jpegJunior Cadets at Sports and Games Competition (Captain’s ball)
Standing with pride, preparing to march in the national flag.jpegStanding with pride, preparing to march with the national flag 
Our Road Marshals for Nanyang National Day Observance Ceremony.jpegOur Road Marshals for Nanyang National Day Observance Ceremony


 2022Unit Recognition DISTINCTION
 2022Dragon Boat @Pesta Sukan 2022 4th 
 2022 Knowledge Challenge (2022)Junior Cadets 1st - ETHAN TAN YI BIN (1S1) Senior Cadets Top 10 (10th) - NURDYRAH ELLIAYU BINTE ROZANI (2A2) Cadet Leaders Top 10 (10th) - LUCAS CHEW YAN YU (3E2)             
 2022Fitness Challenge  Junior Cadets Male 1st - ABHILASH NEERAJ (1N) Commendation (5th) - ZWE MIN SAN (1A) Junior Cadets Female 1st - TEH JIA YUAN DILYS (ZHENG JIAYUAN) (1N) 2nd - JAELYNN NEO JIAXUAN (1O) 3rd - NEELASHENE SURESH RAO (1P) Commendation (4th) - MUSFIRAH BINTE MUHAMMED BASEER (1O) Senior Cadets Male Top 10 (9th) - ALDRICH LAU (2E3) Senior Cadets Female 1st - NURDYRAH ELLIAYU BINTE ROZANI (2A2) 2nd - DESIREE LOH WAN QI (2A1) 3rd - LIEW CHUN EN (2A2) Top 10 (6th) - ALYA NURSYAZANI BINTE MOHAMMAD SANI (2A2) Top 10 (10th) - SIEW XUAN YING (2A2) Cadet Leaders Male 3rd - ZULHERDYAN EZAL BIN MOHAMAD HERDUAN (3T1) Cadet Leaders Female 1st - HANNIS FARHAN ASHIBLIE (3T1) 2nd - EYU JIE NI (3E2) Commendation (4th) - CHERYL LEONG JIAQI (3T1) Top 10 (10th) - NUR NATALISA ARYANNI BINTE ABDUL RUSMANNI (3T1)
2022 Outstanding Cadet Award 2022 HO QIAN YI ELEANOR (4E1) BONG SHI JIA (4E2) 
Sea Competition 2021
(1) Bands and Hitches Challenge

Junior Cadets District Female
5th placing
Alya Nursyazani Bte Mohammad Sani (1A2)

(2) Fitness Challenge

Senior Cadets District Male

Zulherdyan Ezal Bin Mohamad Herduan (2T1)

Senior Cadets District Male
4th placing
Jaeren Huang Yu Quan (2A1)

Senior Cadets District Female
Joint 1st Runner Up

Eyu Jie Ni (2E2)

2020 Guardians of the City Competition organised by
The Singapore Discovery Centre 
Gold Award
Jeidy Lim Yong Bin 2E3
Ho Qian Lee Eleanor 2E4
Lim Ze Ming 2A3

Silver Award
Poh Cheng Hung 1E2
Lucas Chew Yan Yu 1E2
Andy Tan Xin Ming 1E4 
 2019Unit Recognition DISTINCTION 
2019Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)
Singles Girls
Junior Cadet - 4th : 
Ho Qian Yi Eleanor 1E4
Senior Cadet - 4th : 
Beh Penhui 2A1
Cadet Leaders - 3rd : Leong Sui Mun 3E2

Double Girls
Junior Cadet - 4th : 
Bong Shi Jia 1E2,
Naima Aqiesha Binte Rosdi 1E4

Senior Cadet - 5th : 
Chng Jing Ni 2E2,
Lim Shi Hui 2E2

Cadet Leader - 6th : Nur Sorfina Binte Muhd Zahid 3A2, Shakira Ayuni Binte Abdullah 3A2
2019Dragon Boat Regatta
Boys: Semi-finalist
Girls: 3rd team placing

 2019NCC Road Relay 
3rd in Prelims
2018Unit RecognitionDISTINCTION
2018Dragon Boat Regatta
Boys : Semi-finalist
Girls : 5th
2018Annual Orienteering Competition2nd
2018Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)
Girls (Cadets Leaders) : 3rd
Girls (Junior Cadets) : 4th
Girls (Senior Cadets) : 4th

Girls (Junior Cadets) : 4th
Girls (Senior Cadets) : 5th
Girls (Cadets Leaders) : 6th
2018Road Relay CompetitionGirls team : 1st runner-up
2017Best Unit CompetitionSilver
2017Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)
4th-7th individual placing
2017Annual Sea Competition (Sea Challenge)Participation
2017Annual Orienteering CompetitionParticipation
2017Sports & Games CompetitionParticipation
2016National Canoe Slalom ChampionshipNCC Sea Sec 3 Girls K1 (2nd)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Girls T1 (2nd)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Girls K1 (3rd)
NCC Sea Sec 2 Girls K1 (4th position)
NCC Sea Sec 2 Boys K1 (8th position)
NCC Sea Sec 1 Boys K1 (7th position)
NCC Sea Sec 3 Girls T2 (Finalist)

2016Annual Shooting CompetitionFinalist 
2015Best Unit CompetitionSilver
2015Bends and Hitches CompetitionFemale Cadet Leaders : Champion
2015Annual Shooting Competition1st in Sea District - Gold
4th overall
2015Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking - Singles)Female Junior Cadet : 3rd
Female Senior Cadet : 4th
2015Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking - Doubles)Female Senior Cadet : 4th
2014Best Unit CompetitionBronze


MarchSec 31-star / 2-star Kayaking Certification Course
MarchSec 3Advanced Drills Course
March Sec 3Cadet Leaders Specialists’ Assessment  
Sec 3Specialist Course  
MarchSec 3Cadet Leaders Technical Handling Test
AprilSec 3Dragon boat Orientation Programme
AprilSec 3Mini-Kayaking Expedition
Sec 3Annual Kayaking Expedition (AKE) for Cadet Leaders
MaySec 3 Clean Up on Kayak Leadership Programme 
JuneSec 3 Cadet Leaders Individual Marksmanship Trainer (IMT) 
Sec 3Dragon Boat Regatta
Sec 3Senior Specialist Leadership Course
JulySec 3Annual Sea Competition (Kayaking)
JulySec 3Annual Sea Competition (Sea Challenge)
AugSec 3Cadet Leaders SAR21 Live Range
AugSec 3Road Relay Competition
NovSec 3Annual NCC Camp


Sec 2Camp STEEL

Sec 2Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Course
 Sec 2Annual Orienteering Competition
NovSec 2Annual NCC Camp


Sec 1Camp FORGE

Sec 1NCC Affirmation Ceremony
 Sec 1Dragon Boat Regatta
 Sec 1Sports and Games Competition
Nov Sec 1Annual NCC Camp


Booth visiting at Changi Exhibition Centre.jpeg
Booth Visiting at Changi Exhibition
Dragonboat team (Boys).jpeg
Dragonboat Team (Boys)
Dragonboat team (Girls).jpeg
Dragonboat Team (Girls)
Kayaking team (Doubles).jpeg
Kayaking team (Doubles)
On board the ship from Canberra.jpeg
On board ship from Canberra
Presenting UR (Distinction) to Mdm Soh.jpeg
Presenting Unit Recognition (Distinction) to Mdm Soh
Ready to march in.jpeg
Ready to march in
Sports and Games (Frisbee).jpeg
Sports and games (Frisbee)
Sui Mun (3rd in Kayaking Singles Cadet Leader Category) with NCC Commandant.jpeg
Sui Mun (3rd in Kayaking Singles)
Team bonding during Exercise PUNCAK.jpeg
Team bonding during Exercise Puncak