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GCE N-Level Results

Dear JYians, 

The O-level results will be released next Wednesday 12 Jan 2022. Please take note of the following:

1. You can collect your results in school on the day of results release. The venue will be at classrooms. Please report to the school by 1.45pm before proceeding directly to the allocated classrooms. 

2. No one, including your parents and siblings, will be allowed to accompany you to enter the school and collect your results. In addition, do not meet your friends or gather outside school to come back together.

3. Attire is full or half uniform with PE t-shirt and proper shoes. Ensure your grooming is acceptable. Strictly no coloured hair. You will not be allowed to enter the school if you do not comply with any of the above.

4. You can also choose to view your results online from SEAB website on 12 Jan from 2.45pm onwards. If so, please inform your FTs that you will not be coming back to collect your results on 12 Jan. 

5. If you are unwell or required to isolate due to a positive COVID-19 test result on that day, please view your results online and do not return to school. 

6. Bring along a working thermometer and a pen. 

We look forward to seeing you and sharing the results with you.

Thank you.

First Day of School (All Levels)

Reporting and Dismissal on Tuesday 4 Jan 2022.

Reporting time for all: 7:20 am
Dismissal time for Sec 1s: 1:40 pm
Dismissal time for Sec 2-5s: 12:40 pm

Reporting venues : Classrooms (refer to layout at foyer)

Attire: Half-Uniform (Cohort PE tee/ polo tee with school skirt/pants)

Bring your trace together token, a working thermometer, writing materials, reading book and water bottle.

In accordance to the school rules, all students are to be in proper school attire and grooming.  Students with outrageous/long hairstyle and/or coloured hair will not be allowed back in class.

First Day of School (Sec 1)

Dear Parents / guardians of Sec 1 students,

The first day of school is 4 January 2022 (Tuesday).
The Sec 1 Orientation Programme will take place from 4th January 2022 to 7th January 2022.
Meals will be provided for Sec 1 students during the Orientation Programme. 

Reporting for the first day of school:
Date:               4 January 2022
Time:               7.20am to 1.40pm
Venue:             Sec 1 Classrooms (refer to layout at school foyer)
Attire:              Full School Uniform (School Polo T-Shirt and Skirt/Shorts)

Things to bring along:
·      Thermometer
·      Writing materials
·      Water bottle
·      Extra surgical masks
·      Wet wipes 
·      Hand sanitiser
·      Personal medication (if needed)

Please refer to the announcement sent via Parents Gateway on 22 December 2021 for more information.