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Direct School Admission Exercise


Do you have skills/talents/potential in any one of
 4 DSA categories
ALP (Oracy Skills)LLP (Performing Arts),
(Badminton) or Leadership?

Dear P6 Students,

Juying Secondary School (JYSS) invites you to apply for Direct School Admission (DSA) to Secondary One (2020) at JYSS!

Come Join Us via DSA!

For the upcoming 2019 DSA-Secondary Exercise, Juying Secondary School (JYSS) can admit up to
20% of our 2020 Secondary 1 intake via the DSA-Secondary Exercise.

From 8 May to 4 June 2019, you can apply to be directly admitted to Secondary 1 (2020) in Juying
Secondary School via the DSA pathway in place of the year-end Secondary 1 Posting Exercise.

Apply now to JYSS via DSA! (starting 8 May 2019)

Our 3 DSA Categories

 Selection Criteria for DSA applicants

Applied Learning Programme – Oracy Skills

  • Send us any records of your past your past experience in public speaking, storytelling, emceeing or participation in drama!
  • Join us via DSA if you have been a member of CCAs like ELDDS, Drama Club or other CCAs where you participate in public speaker or presentation!


Learning for Life Programme - Aesthetics & Performing Arts

  • Send us any records of your talents in singing, dance or playing musical instruments.
  • In JYSS, we have CCAs such as Symphonic Band, Choir, Cultural Dance, International Dance (Hip-Hop) to further develop your aesthetics talents.
  • Join us via DSA if you have past experience in such CCAs or similar ones in your primary school.

Sports & Games
  • Send us any records of your achievements in Badminton
  • In JYSS, we develop our students in Badminton skills and our CCA Teams perform well at the National Schools Games.
  • Join us via DSA to develop your talents in Badminton.

Every JYian,
A Values-Driven Leader

    • Send us any record of the leadership roles you have held such as CCA Leaders, Class Monitor /Committee members, Student Councillors or Prefects.

    • Or any other experience where you demonstrated leadership

    • Join us via DSA if you would like to develop leadership qualities in Juying Secondary!


From 2019, application for DSA-Sec can be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal. The application is free-of-charge and will be open from 8 May to 4 Jun 2019 at –


* Supporting Documents (to be brought along when called up for interview/audition):- 
  • Certificates / testimonials of required DSA skills or talent areas 
  • (Optional) Submission of short video clip (mov/avi/mpeg4 format) of your performance not exceeding 10 mins
  • Applicants will be asked to write on why they wish to apply for DSA admission to Juying Secondary School when they come for the interview/audition   
  • For queries, you may call Ms Christina Wong, Admin Manager at 6308 9898.

SELECTION PHASE: (1 July to 30 Aug 2019)
1. Interview by school selection panel. 
2. Audition (brief demonstration of skills) by 30 Aug 2019, DSA applicants will be notified of the outcome (i.e. Confirmed Offer, Placed on Waiting List or Rejected.)


8 May 2019
4 June 2019
  • Closing date of DSA Applications
5 June 2019 -
30 Aug 2019
  •  Selection Stage 
By 30 Aug 2019 
  • By 30 Aug 2019, Schools will issue letters to all DSA-Sec applicants to inform them of the outcome: Confirmed Offer (CO), Wait List (WL) or Unsuccessful. Students given a CO are guaranteed a place in the school provided that they accept the offer and qualify for an academic course offered by the school. i.e. Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) based on their PSLE results.
 Late Nov 2019
  •  DSA-SEC Allocation Results Release 
    (Day of release of PSLE Results)