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School Routines & Procedures

Absence During School Term

Should a student be absent from school, we would like the student, parent or guardian to contact or leave a message for the Form Teacher. We will also be contacting the parent/guardian as soon as we can. In so doing we hope to work in partnership with parents to ensure that our students come to school regularly.  Students are expected to submit to the Form Teacher the relevant documents to support the absence within 2 days upon returning to school.   

Early Release

Should a student need to go home before dismissal time, he/she will need to report to the general office.  For the student’s safety, the parent/guardian will receive a call to take the student home.  Parents/guardians are also requested to sign on the Early Release Form before bring the student home.

Visitors to school

For the safety and security of our students, all visitors have to obtain a visitor’s pass at the school gate.