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Principal's Message 2018

01_mdm_soh_2017b.jpg! am delighted to be appointed by the Ministry of Education as the Principal of Juying Secondary School with effect from 15 December 2017. Since my posting to the school in September this year, I have been working alongside the school leaders, staff and students to give outreach talks to Primary 6 students to tell them about the myriad of programmes and facilities offered at Juying Secondary.

During my interactions with students and parents, I am always heartened to hear many wonderful things being said about the school. As the 5th Principal of Juying Secondary, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the past principals, as well as many generations of staff, students, alumni and parents in bringing the school to its good standing in the community today.

My mission as the School Leader for Juying Secondary is to ensure that we continue to put our students first. We believe that our students must be at the heart of choices and decisions we make, as Juying Secondary is more than just a school to our students. We are an extension of the students’ families and lives and we are a caring community where students' needs are a priority. We take pride in our culture of care and believe that every child is important; every child is unique; and every child can learn and achieve, regardless of ability and background. With our beliefs as our cornerstone, we are committed to develop all students holistically, to help them realise their potential, by building on their strengths and interests.

In keeping with the uncertainties of our students’ future world of work and life, we envision every JYian to be a gracious life-long learner with strength of character, who are ever-ready to pivot and learn new skills to navigate the complexities and ambiguities of the 21st Century. Our mission is to “Inspire Learning, Inculcate Values, & Impact Lives”. At Juying Secondary, we design curriculum and co-curriculum that will nurture our students into critical thinkers, leverage learning experiences to ignite and foster the joy of learning as well as develop values-driven programmes to build strength of character, cultivate attitudes, competencies and skills to enable students to become productive citizens of society in their future. We understand that the more the world shifts and tilts, the greater the need to anchor our students on a set of strong core values and moral principles. Our school’s R3IGHT values are the signposts which guide every action and are encouraged in all facets of the lives of our students and staff. These values, underpinned by the “OYSTER” philosophy of our school,

  • Providing Opportunities for All
  • Developing the Yearning for Lifelong Learning
  • Being Student-Centred in All That We Do
  • Developing Talents
  • Empowering Our Students
  • Value-inculcation of 3Rs (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience) form the bedrock of the school’s commitment to delivering a holistic education for your child.

There are educators and then there are the daily unsung classroom heroes: those beacons of inspiration that directly touch and transform lives, stir souls and instill the confidence and faith that many students are lacking. Every child needs a mentor and champion. Our passionate and committed teachers do not simply inspire the passion of learning, they are caring and would often go beyond the call of duty, always striving to do the best for our students.

At Juying Secondary, premium is placed on our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme, which is comprehensive and supported by many integrated platforms. One of our signature programmes, Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, has helped our students become more focused and effective in their learning. Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in “Oracy Skills” prepares our students to become confident and competent communicators while our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in “Aesthetics” prepares our students to become gracious individuals who can appreciate the Arts and play at least one musical instrument as well as dance gracefully. Our Local and Overseas Values in Action programmes develop in our students 21st Century Competencies skills, and prepare them to become concerned citizens, with global awareness, and cross cultural skills and sensitivities.

Our students have worked hard and excelled, sustaining a splendid all-round performance for the school. Our students have achieved Value-Added results in the GCE O and/or N level examination results since 2012, and they have also done us proud by performing reasonably well at the biennial SYF aesthetics presentations, Robotics Competitions, Uniformed Groups’ Best Unit Competitions, Sports competitions and Essay writing competitions. Their achievements in the academic and co-curricular domains bear testament to a well-balanced holistic education programme that we provide for our students.

Besides offering a robust and holistic curriculum and co-curriculum for our students, we believe in forging strong partnerships with our stakeholders, such as parents, alumni, community and industry partners to enhance the richness and relevance of our programmes as well as to expand opportunities and authentic learning platforms for our students. This will make classroom learning more engaging and relevant to reflect a more sustainable holistic teaching and learning experience for both staff and students. I am especially thankful to my core group of committed parents who have journeyed with us throughout the years, and it is through their strong belief and unwavering support that we are able to work closely together to bring the best out of our students.

The next chapter of Juying Secondary will be an exciting and defining phase for the school as we look forward to bringing Juying Secondary to her next peak of excellence, aspiring towards a School of Choice for 21st century learners. Working in collaboration with my staff, students and stakeholders, I hope that we will be able to create a vibrant and forward-looking school – the cradle where gracious life-long learners with strength of character are nurtured.

Together We Will Succeed!

Mdm Soh Beng Mui Principal Juying Secondary School