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Principal's Message 2019

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A year has passed since my posting to Juying Secondary School (JYSS). It was a wonderful first year, filled with twists and turns, peaks and valleys, and opportunities to learn and grow with my staff and students. 

In 2018, there were countless accolades to testify the teachers’ commitment and professionalism and also affirm JYians who have done the school proud as they live out the school values in school and beyond school. To name a few: Ms Nur Wahidah Sidik was the Anugerah Arif Budiman Award Finalist, Mdm Norhafiani Bte Abdul Majid received the National Day Commendation Award, Mohammad Lutfil Hadi from 4E2 received the NCDCC Pinnacle Award which is a recognition for the most outstanding cadets in Singapore, Kulandayan Loknaath from 3E2 received a compliment from a member of the public for his kind act towards an elderly, Nur Sadiqah Bibi Binte Abdus Samad from 3A2 received the Community First Responder Award from the SCDF for her gracious act in the community.

I have full confidence that we will have more to celebrate in the coming year as we move in tandem to realize our school vision to build a gracious community of lifelong learners with strength of character.

In JYSS, we take pride in our culture of care and learning and we believe that every child is important; every child is unique; and every child can learn and achieve, regardless of ability and background. Anchored firmly in our OYSTER philosophy which forms the bedrock of the school’s commitment to delivering a holistic education for our students, 

OYSTER Chain.pngand embracing our H.E.A.R.T.S. ethos, both staff and students learn and grow as a big Juying family. 

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In the past year, my educational philosophy has evolved and strengthened. My belief that schools should nurture the whole child and appreciate each child’s individuality was reinforced just as my belief that teachers have an unimaginable influence over their students was. I believe that the seeds we sow and nurture today will bear fruits one day in the continued life journey of our students in their future.

In 2019, as we seek to add new bricks to the road leading to Juying’s next S curve of success, putting our students first continues to be our core philosophy. We believe that our students must be at the heart of choices and decisions we make as Juying is more than just a school to our students. 

We have re-designed our Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum for the incoming Secondary 1 JYians, one that will focus on the following: Pastoral, Integrated & Impactful, Personalised, Engaging & Relevant [PI2PER]. To create synergies in meeting the current interests and future needs of our students, so that the outcomes of our efforts can be multiplied, students will be offered choices for the Passion modules across all the three streams and there will be more experiential learning platforms during the CCE lessons. This new approach not only caters to the array of differing needs and passions of our students to make CCE learning more meaningful and relevant for them, the revamp also helps the CCE curriculum to be better aligned with the school’s vision to build a gracious community of lifelong learners with strength of character.

With the new announcements in the 2018 MOE Work Plan Seminar, I am excited to embrace the new changes and challenges in the coming year. Working in collaboration with my staff, students and stakeholders, I hope that we will be able to create a vibrant and forward-looking school: the cradle where gracious life-long learners with strength of character are nurtured.

You and I, Together We will Succeed!

Mdm Soh Beng Mui
Juying Secondary School