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Principal's Message 2021


Goodbye 2020 and Welcome 2021!

Year 2020 was a special year. It was also a year that hurled many challenges at us and I am sure one thing that resonates well with all of us will be the sense of appreciation that we pulled through a challenging year and learned much from the entire experience. We appreciated the people around us more and very importantly, we got the opportunity to appreciate our loved ones more by spending more time with them during the circuit breaker period.

Last year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary with the theme “Many Stories, One Juying”.

Juying story is a special one that focusses on people. There is always warmth and harmony filled in the air of the school. In Juying, we take pride in our culture of care and believe that every child is important; every child is unique; and every child can learn and achieve, regardless of ability and background

A humble neighborhood school, we started with a small enrolment and we faced challenges in students’ discipline, academic results and diversed family backgrounds. However, with our strong belief in every child who joins the Juying family, we managed to achieve many breakthroughs over the years and see the school emerging stronger and united as ONE Juying. 

25 years, we saw a change of 5 Principals. At different stages, there were different focuses and by the time I took over the school in end 2017, Juying has reached a stable state with good academic results and strong staff morale. In 2018, as we sought to add new bricks to the road leading to Juying’s next S curve of success, putting our students first continues to be our core philosophy. We believe that our students must be at the heart of choices and decisions we make as Juying is more than just a school to our students.

It is important to celebrate milestones. It is as much to recognise the journey that we have been on as it is to give the opportunity to set new goals for the future.

With the several new initiatives by MOE since 2018, I am excited to embrace the changes and challenges in this coming year. We are looking at the implementation of Blended Learning and also starting on our PDLP journey, leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning for everyone in JYSS.

Working in collaboration with my staff, students and stakeholders, I am confident that we will be able to create a vibrant and forward-looking school: the cradle where gracious life-long learners with strength of character are nurtured.

2021 will definitely be another exciting and fulfilling year for all in JYSS!

Mdm Soh Beng Mui