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Principal's Message 2022

Goodbye 2021 and Welcome 2022! 

It does not matter whether you had a good year or a not-so-good one in 2021. I ask that all of us take a moment to pay tribute to what the year has presented to each of us. If there were challenges, ponder the tough lessons they brought us. If there were blessings, cultivate gratitude for the good fortune we have received. There will always be ups and downs in life, and it is on us to do our best to interpret and experience them in the most positive ways.

At Juying Secondary, premium is placed on our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme, which is comprehensive and supported by many integrated platforms. One of our signature programmes - PASSION, focuses on the following: Pastoral, Integrated & Impactful, Personalised, Engaging & Relevant [PI2PER]. The PASSION modules are designed to meet the current interests and future needs of our students, so that the outcomes of our efforts can be multiplied, and students will be offered choices for the Passion modules across all the three streams and there will be more experiential learning platforms during the CCE lessons. This new approach not only caters to the array of differing needs and passions of our students to make CCE learning more meaningful and relevant for them, the revamp also helps the CCE curriculum to be better aligned with the school’s vision to build a gracious community of lifelong learners with strength of character.

Our students have worked hard and excelled, sustaining a splendid all-round performance for the school.  Our students have achieved Value-Added results in the GCE O and/or N level examination results since 2012, and they have also done us proud by performing reasonably well at the various competition platforms, despite disruptions and challenges from COVID in the past 2 years.

Besides offering a robust and holistic curriculum and co-curriculum for our students, we believe in forging strong partnerships with our stakeholders, such as parents, alumni, community and industry partners to enhance the richness and relevance of our programmes as well as to expand opportunities and authentic learning platforms for our students. This will make classroom learning more engaging and relevant to reflect a more sustainable holistic teaching and learning experience for both staff and students. I am especially thankful to my core group of committed parents and SAC members who have journeyed with us throughout the years, and it is through their strong belief and unwavering support that we are able to work closely together to bring the best out of our students.

In 2022, Juying will embark on our Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) journey for our Sec 1 students. It is going to be a new experience for both staff and students as we are going to see a greater integration in students from diverse backgrounds coming together to learn and grow as one Juying community.

Working in collaboration with my staff, students and stakeholders, I hope that we will be able to create a vibrant and forward-looking school - the cradle where gracious life-long learners with strength of character are nurtured.

2022 will definitely be another exciting and fulfilling year for all in JYSS!

Together We will Succeed!

Mdm Soh Beng Mui