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Core Values

School R2IGHT Core Values

Respect. Responsibility
Integrity. Gratitude.  Humility. Tenacity

The JYian Code of Conduct

The JYian Code of Conduct (CoC) guides students on conduct that exemplifies the school values of  R2IGHT.  Whilst the CoC provides the standards, the school rules set the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.  

As a member of the JYian Community, I shall do my utmost to uphold the school values.
To show RESPECT means I will

(1)    Be Courteous and Gracious

        • Greet teachers and visitors to the school
        • Exercise self-respect
        • Show good attitude to all
        • Do not make unnecessary noise
        • Be humble; do not look down on others

(2)    Be Sensitive to the Feelings of Others

        • Think twice before I speak
        • Listen when others are talking
        • Treat others the way I want to be treated
        • Learn to accept other people’s opinion

(3)    Acknowledge Other Cultures and Traditions

        • Do not make racially insensitive remarks
        • Seek to understand other cultures

(4)    Be Responsible for the School Environment

        • Take good care of school property
        • Do not litter; keep the school and community clean
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To be RESPONSIBLE means I will

(1)    Do Things On Time

        • Be punctual for school and all school activities.
        • Complete and submit work on time.
        • Carry out promises and duties.

(2)    Give my Full Commitment to Learn

        • Bring all required materials for lessons.
        • Pay attention and participate actively in lessons and school activities.
        • Carry out class and CCA duties regularly and to the best of my abilities.

(3)    Be Accountable for My Actions - Put On My Best Behaviour At All Times Within
          and Outside School.

        • Own up and accept consequences for my wrongdoings.
        • Be responsible for my own belongings.

(4)    Take Initiative

        • Lead by example
        • Help others who are in need
        • Capitalise on opportunities

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To have INTEGRITY means I will

(1)    Do the Right Thing

        • Have the courage to own up
        • Always be fair
        • Make the righteous choice

(2)    Be Morally Upright

        • Always be truthful
        • Be trustworthy
        • Differentiate between right and wrong

(3)    Be Accountable

        • Responsible for my actions
        • Uphold good values
        • Exercise self-discipline

To show GRATITUDE  means I will

(1)    Be Grateful

        • Appreciate everything I am blessed with
        • Making the most of the opportunities that I have
        • Looking for the best in every situation

(2)    Practise Tolerance

        • Seek first to understand and then be understood
        • Give people the benefit of the doubt
        • Treat everyone equally

(3)    Be Kind to Others

        • Lend a helping hand
        • Always be pleasant
        • Appreciate the efforts of others

(4)    Be Respectful At All Times

        • Be considerate and thoughtful
        • Be punctual
        • Be mindful of the language

To show HUMILITY means I will

(1)    Be Modest and Respectful

        • Accept the limitations of myself and others
        • Be grateful for what is available
        • Seek to learn from mistakes
        • Refrain from bragging
        • Let others discover my talent(s)
        • Willingly help others without judging
        • Never seek to hurt the feelings of others
        • Give way to others

(2)    Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood

        • Always seek guidance
        • Listen more than talk
        • Readily apologise, without being prompted
        • Be charitable

(3)    Not Be Pretentious

        • Be sincere in my words and actions
        • Never make empty promises
        • Refrain from being egoistic
To show TENACITY means I will

(1)    Never Giving Up

        • Overcoming challenges with a calm and collected mind
        • Seeing Through what I have started
        • Utilising the resources available to me
        • Determined to succeed without compromising my values

(2)    Work Towards a Common Goal

        • Realise the strengths of the team and synergise
        • Be punctual for all meetings
        • Have a shared vision

(3)    Choose Us vs Me

        • Realise only Together We Will Succeed
        • Put the needs of the team above self
        • Embrace the Win-Win attitude