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Counselling Services

Useful Numbers

Here are some useful telephone numbers for student(s)/parent(s):

Youth Drop-In Centre – WEST 
Singapore Children’s Society-Jurong Youth Centre
Tel : 6566 6989

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore)
Tel : 6220 7758

Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre
Tel : 6795 1008

Lakeside Family Centre
Tel : 6567 1908

Who are the School Counsellors?

The school counsellors are there to:
      • Listen to you        
      • Help you to understand and handle your problems in order to make things better        
      • Help you better relate to others

Who do we work with?

We work with students who need help in the following:
      • Feeling troubled and need someone to talk to
      • Getting along with parents, siblings, teachers, or classmates
      • Learning how to make decisions
      • Feeling good about yourself
      • Adjusting to a new school
      • Dealing with peer pressure and bullying
      • Learning specific skills:  such as anger management, time management, stress management, effective study methods, or making friends
      • Teach how to prioritise time and give guidance on managing extracurricular activities while maintaining good grades

Anything that is important to You, is important to Us!

Where are we located?

Counselling Hub (Level 1), Opposite Chillax room.


How to Contact Us?

If you are in school:
      • You may speak to the counsellor directly
      • Through your Form Teacher or Subject teachers
      • Drop us a note in the drop-in box

If you are outside school:
Call the General Office @ 6308 9898 and ask them to transfer you to our school counsellors.
Or leave your name and contact number for us to get back to you.

You are Important to Us....