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Student Health Advisor Services

Our Student Health Advisor

The Student Health Advisor, Ms Siti Ruzaimah plays an active role in supporting our students’ health and nutritional needs.  Her key roles are:

1) Provide health advice for individuals or small groups of students referred by authorised school personnel.

2) Advise/Counsel students with existing chronic medical conditions who are non-compliant with treatment and refer them to adolescent health services where needed.

3) Provide advice on health issues which include smoking, substance abuse, chronic disease management, STIs etc.

4) Work with Health Promotion Board (HPB) or other relevant agencies to mount suitable health education / promotion activities for students, school staff and parents, where appropriate.

For parents who do not wish for their children to be given support by the Student Health Advisor, please download from the link below and submit the Opt-Out Form to the school General Office.

FINAL -2015 SHA Prog Opt-Out Forms.pdf