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Craft & Technology



Every JYian a self-directed learner, innovative individual and confident team player. 


To nurture an informed awareness and appreciation of the visual arts, cultivate an inquiring mind and innovative spirit in working with materials and tools.


We hope to prepare JYians for tomorrow’s rapidly changing world by providing them with the opportunity to think creatively and develop entrepreneurial dare. In building a community of gracious and lifelong learners, we envision all JYIANs to believe in their own abilities, thus becoming independent learners, creative thinkers and confident team players.  

This is in alignment to the school’s OYSTER philosophy in which we believe that every student can learn, and that our objective is to provide a nurturing environment for each JYIAN to develop creative, critical thinking skills so that they will be able to “shine and illuminate any organisation they may enter in the future” with these skills required of an effective artist, nutritionist or engineer.  

C&T department is proud to celebrate with our JYians who have done better than the national percentage distinctions and/or passes in the following subjects in the GCE O & N-Level Examinations.
1.         Sec 4NA N Level Art
2.         Sec 4NA N Level D&T
3.         Sec 4NT N Level D&T
4.         Sec 5NA O Level D&T
5.         Sec 5NA O Level F&N

Talent Development:

  • Professional artists had been engaged to run workshops in Art Club.
  • Talented F&N students will be sent to represent school for Nam Cheong Sandwich Making (or other national cooking) Competition.
  • Talented D&T students will be sent to represent school for Tan Kah Kee, Toy Design (or other national D&T) Competitions

Our C&T programme adopts the E3 approach (Excite, Engage and Enrich) in the teaching of Art, D&T and F&N through simple yet meaningful hands-on and minds-on activities. Students are excited, engaged and enriched through the experiential learning by working in both indoor and outdoor settings and incorporate their art, design and culinary skills into real life cultural events
as well as participation in internal and external competitions. 
An example is the accompanying stop-motion animation video 
by 3A2. 

C&T Talent Development Programmes

photo 1.JPG
Our little Sec 1s trying to design their works for the 
Plank Art competition
photo 2.JPGOur proud art creation!
photo 3.JPGActive engagement in Design & Technology lesson
4a.JPGWell done Jonathon Lau Jun Xian & Foong Sin Chen of 2E1 in winning the Consolation Prize in the Lam Soon Competition 2017!
The “food masterpiece” of Jonathon & Sin Chen.

Learning Journeys

01 My proud creations during F&N lesson!.jpgMy proud creations during F&N lesson!
02 MasterChef Junior Competition.JPGMasterChef Junior Competition
03 Learning Journey to NTUC (March2016).jpgLearning Journey to NTUC
04 Our art room - Where we get our inspiration….JPGOur Art Room - Where we derive our inspiration from
05 VP Ms Wong presenting the work of our art student.JPGVP Ms Wong presenting a Batik artwork of our student.
06 Active engagement in D&T lesson.JPG Active engagement in D&T lesson

Organization Chart

44. Ms Ng Puay San Christina.jpgMs Christina Ng
HOD (Aesthetics, Craft & Technology)
Email :

3. Mr Tan Meng Hwee.jpgMr Tan Meng Hwee 
Email :

59. Ong Hok Beng.jpgMr Ong Hok Beng
Senior Teacher (Design & Technology)
Email :

71. Mdm Nor Diana Bte Ahmad (Dee).jpgMdm Nor Diana Ahmad 
Class 2A1 Form Teacher / Design & Technology Coordinator (Upper Sec)
Email :

75. Mdm Khairiani Bte Hassan.jpgMdm Khairiani Hassan 
Class 4A2 Form Teacher /
Nutrition & Food Science Coordinator
Email :

23. Ms Sabirah Husnah Binte Shahul Hamed.jpgMs Sabirah Husnah
Class 2E1 Form Teacher
Email :

27. Ms Khoo Woei Lin.jpgMs Khoo Woei Lin 
 Class 1T1 Form Teacher / 
D&T Coordinator (Lower Sec) / 
Mobile Robotics
Email :

Ms Roslin Binte Rahim.jpg Ms Roslin Rahim
Class 1E3 Form Teacher

Email :

63. Mr Abdol Rahim Bin Yassin.jpgMr Abdol Rahim
Art & Craft
Email :
58. Mr Choy Kok Hon.jpgMr Choy Kok Hon
Adjunct Teacher 
(Design & Technology)
Email :
25. Ms Raudhah Binte Mohammad Rizal.jpgMs Raudhah Mohd Rizal
Class 2A2 Form Teacher

Email :

20. Mr Ko Kok Kheong.jpgMr Ko Kok Kheong 
Workshop Instructor (Design & Technology)
Email :

Ms Tse Hal Ye Cherie.jpgMrs Cherie Luo
Class 1E1 Form Teacher / Music
Email :

5. Mdm Hui Loow Tai.jpgMdm Hui Loow Tai
Operations Support Officer