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Self-disciplined JYians who demonstrate the strength of character.


To inspire, inculcate values and impact JYians to make decisions based on the R3IGHT values.    

Juying Secondary School Discipline framework

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Student-Centric and Values-Driven Approach 

Every JYian is a unique individual with unique needs and is capable of becoming one with strength of character and sound moral values.

High Expectations

We set high expectations and standards of behaviour for our students. 
(H.E.A.R.T.S. Ethos: setting High Expectations and Standards)

Whole School Approach (High Support)

Every teacher is a discipline teacher who is firm, fair and cares for every JYian.

Strong TSR
We strive to impact JYians though building strong relationships and rapport and providing genuine care.

Needs-Based Approach
We seek to meet JYians’ unique needs through targeted programmes like TOP and ASE.

Culture of Care & Discipline
We maintain a balance of care and discipline through positive affirmation and timely correction and restoration.

R3IGHT Values (High Expectations)

We set high expectations and standards of behaviour and conduct for all JYians based on our school R3IGHT Values.

  • Responsibility for Self
Maintain good attendance and practise punctuality.

  • Respect for Others
Respect all JYian staff and students.

  • Graciousness & Exemplary Conduct
Display exceptional behaviour in and out of school and uphold the good image of JYians.

  • Anchored by Integrity
Do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Safe & Secure School (High Control)

School rules uphold the high standards and tone of discipline. Disciplinary cases are managed impartially with logical consequences.

School Rules
We uphold the high standards and tone of discipline through strict yet rational school rules.

Behavioural Management
We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour and poor attitude, and we manage disciplinary cases impartially through meticulous and thorough processes.

Logical Consequences
We implement stiff yet logical consequences for offences to bring about true learning.

Organisation Chart

Mr Cai Zhiwen.jpgMr Cai Zhiwen
Year Head 
Email :
Mr Chung Zhiwen.jpg

Mr Chung Zhiwen
Class 5A1 Form Teacher
Email :

Ms Raudhah Binte Mohammad Rizal.jpg

Ms Raudhah Rizal
Class 2A2 Form Teacher
Email :

Mr Aw Jiong Le Clive.jpgMr Clive Aw
Class 2A1 Form Teacher
Email :

Mr Kartik Aravind Raj s-o V M Selvarajah.jpg

Mr Kartik Raj
Class 4E3 Form Teacher 
Email :

Mr Mohter B Amat Amin.jpg

Mr Mohter Amat Amin
Operations Manager
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Time-Out Programme (T.O.P.)

This year’s Time-Out Programme (T.O.P.) adopts a targeted approach towards addressing the different needs of our at-risk students. Three main groups of students were identified – students likely to benefit from mentoring from teachers, students requiring professional counselling to cope with addiction issues, and students requiring guidance from the Police. The three-pronged approach seeks to raise the social-emotional competencies of the participants so as to help them overcome personal, family or social barriers that may confound their motivation towards schooling and hinder their performance in learning. While they undergo different programmes and activities, mass fun-filled activities will also be organized to provide platforms for participants and staff to build lasting relationships beyond the classrooms and to enhance their overall schooling experience.

T.O.P. 1.jpg
An interest group formed to perform at the closing ceremony for the Singapore – Hong Kong Exchange Programme (SKHEP)  
T.O.P. 2.jpg
Team of performers waiting eagerly for the SKHEP special guests to arrive!  
Our laser tag team is ready for action!
The teams showcased their teamwork and camaraderie to defeat their opponents