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English Language & Literature

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Every JYian an effective communicator using Standard English.


To achieve value-added results by equipping JYians with lifelong learning skills and values.

Long Term Goals

To develop JYians into confident and competent communicators

2) To develop a strong reading culture amongst JYians

3) To achieve value – added results in English Language

Stand and Deliver and TED Talks

The English Department has embarked on a school-wide public speaking programme – Stand & Deliver (S&D) and TED Talks during morning assembly. These public speaking platforms aim to develop every JYian into confident and competent speakers of the English language.  More details are available here on the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) write-up.

EL Reading Programme and Reading Awareness Week

The department has continued to encourage students to read to help them develop their general knowledge and instil good reading habits by subscribing to the Straits Times and providing in-house reading material fortnightly.

Reading Awareness Week is aimed to encourage students to develop the love for reading. Fun and engaging activities are carried out during the week, exposing students to different kind of reading materials.  Students are also given an opportunity to discuss and share about their favourite novels with their peers.

EL Intensive Programme (Graduating classes)

This programme is intended to equip our students with specific examination skills to prepare them for the GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ level examinations during term time and school holidays. Through this programme, our students are more confident and motivated to do well in their national examinations.


English Enrichment and Grammar Programmes

The department also embarked on a series of topical enrichment lectures to equip graduating students with the necessary knowledge and language skills to tackle the GCE O Level examination.  The skills were conducted both by English Language teachers and invited speakers.  Topics ranged from education to  the aged.

Offering Literature as an Elective in Secondary 3

In addition, this is also the first year that the English Department has offered Upper Secondary English Literature as an Elective subject for Secondary 3 Express students. Helmed by Miss Lynette Wong, the inaugural class of 17 students study The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, poetry and unseen prose. Literature students understand themselves and others better in a multicultural and interconnected world by exploring the depth and breadth of the human experience through works of literature.


Students preparing for their group presentation 
with the help of the instructor.
Students brainstorming ideas for their
group presentation. 

Vice-Principal, Mr Peter Quah, discussing with students on their Stand & Deliver experiences. 
 Students presenting during morning assembly for 
the Reading Awareness Week (RAW)

Students presenting on the books that they have 
read during RAW. 
Sec 4E5N students attending English Enrichment Lecture 
by Republic Polytechnic lecturer Mr CJ Hong. 
 Sec 2E Literature students during a hot seat session convincing  one another of their view points.
Sec 3E Literature students enacting their scripts 
created from selected chapters.  

Organisation Chart

                                                                                HEAD OF DEPARTMENT

8) Mdm P.Manimegalai.jpgMdm P Manimegalai
HOD (English Language & Literature)
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62. Mr Kartik Aravind Raj S_O V M Selvarajah.jpgMr Kartik Aravind Raj
Class 4A2 Form Teacher
Email :
9. Ms Shynn Lim Shi Ying.jpgMs Shynn Lim
HOD Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)
Email :
14. Ms Wong Zhimin Lynette.jpgMs Lynette Wong
Class 4E2 Form Teacher
Email :

24. Ms Elydia Binte Azman.jpgMs Elydia Azman
Class 1A3 Form Teacher /
Level Discipline (Sec 1)
Email :
42. Ms Ek Ben Yee.jpgMs Ek Ben Yee
Class 1A3 Form Teacher

Email :

7) Ms Teoh Cheng Ling.jpgMs Teoh Cheng Ling
Class 4E3 Form Teacher
Email :

12) Mr Yee Jen Siong.jpgMr Yee Jen Siong
Class 2E3 Form Teacher
Email :

2. Ms Lim Hui Ying Maybellina.jpgMs Maybellina Lim 
Class 1E3 Form Teacher
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4. Ms Nur Nadiyah Binte Abdullah.jpgMs Nur Nadiyah
Class 3T1 Form Teacher

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64. Mdm Kurusamy Govindammal.jpgMdm Kurusamy G.
Adjunct Teacher
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Mr Senthil S_O Silvarajoo.jpgMr Senthil Silvarajoo
Class 3T1 Form Teacher
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112. Mr Mohammad Fauzul.jpg Mr Mohammad Fauzul
Class 2T1 Form Teacher
Email :

Serena_300.jpgMs Serena Xu
Class 1E4 Form Teacher
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MS HEMA LATA.jpgMs Hema Lata
Class 1T1 Form Teacher
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113. Mr Lin Fengsheng Linston.jpgMr Winston Lin
Class 3A2 Form Teacher
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 MS FOO LIMIN, AMANDA.jpgMs Amanda Foo
Class 3E1 Form Teacher
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