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Every JYian a Global Citizen.


To enable JYians to be confident, socially responsible and possess an entrepreneurial spirit.


‘Every JYian a Global Citizen’ is the vision of the Humanities Department. This is in line with the school’s vision of a gracious community of lifelong learners with strength of character. In building a community of gracious and lifelong learners, we envision to develop all JYians into well-informed, responsible citizens with a sense of national identity and a global perspective. We work towards engaging students actively to develop them into confident, self-directed, critical and reflective thinkers. In order to achieve these aims, it is important that students develop competence in three areas: knowledge and understanding, skills and processes, values and attitudes. We strongly believe in learning which extends beyond the four walls of the classroom and our learning journeys prove that there is no boundary to our quest for knowledge.

With the whole school roped in for the Humanities Inquiry Approach, the study of Humanities subjects (Geography & History) is question-driven with reliance on evidence and knowledge construction by the students. Students become engaged learners as they take on roles as reflectors, explorers, critical thinkers, knowledge producers and reporters. 
It is a year filled with learning journeys organised by the Department in fulfilling the Geographical Investigation (GI) and Historical Investigation (HI) learning experiences for the students: 

Sec 1 GI: Field study at Jurong Lake @ Chinese Gardens GI question: What is the quality of water in a waterway or waterway? How do human activities affect the quality of water in a waterway or water body? 

Sec 1 HI: Field Study at National Museum of Singapore HI question: What was Singapore like during the 14th and 15th centuries? 

Sec 2 GI: Nanyang Community Centre Neighbourhood GI question: What makes some places in the neighbourhood special to their residents? 

Sec 2 HI: Field Study at National Museum of Singapore HI question: What should be remembered in Singapore in the 1960s and the 1970s? 

Upper GI: Field study at Chinatown 

GI question: What makes a place a tourist destination? 

List of Activities

  • Humanities Learning Expedition to Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Overseas Learning Experience to Malacca
  • Humanities Twinning Programme to Cakra Buana School, Indonesia
  • Social Studies Learning Journey to Central Business District
  • Humanities - Art Department Collaborative Learning Journey to Arts Civilisations Museum
  • Humanities HELMS Integra Competition
  • Singapore Geospatial Challenge 2014
  • Jurong Lake Park Fieldwork Study 
  • iTrails Challenge at the Singapore Zoological Gardens (Champions) 

Outdoor Learning Journeys

Sec 2 students conducting an interview during GI
Sec 1 students listening to the facilitatorSec 1 students doing water testing during GI  
Sec 1 students doing field sketching during GI 

Upper Sec students at Hospitality Race
6.jpgSec 2 students collecting data during HI   
 Upper Sec students at Hospitality Race 

Race to Sustainability - Gardens By The Bay
01 Race to Sustainability!.jpgA race to remember

Sec 1 Geographical Investigation - Lower Seletar Reservoir

Sec 1 GI - 20 July 2016 - Discussing on analysis.jpegDiscussing on analysisSec 1 GI - 20 July 2016 - GI at Lower Seletar Reservoir.jpegGI at Lower Seletar Reservoir
Sec 1GI - 20 July 2016 - Class photo 1E1.jpeg

Class Photo - Sec 1E1

Sec 2 Geographical Investigation - Nanyang Community

Sec 2 GI - 30 Mar 2016 - Interviewing resident about Nanyang Community(2).jpgInterviewing resident about Nanyang Community
Sec 2 GI - 30 Mar 2016 - Ready to do survey (2).jpgReady to do survey

Sec 3 Geographical Investigation - Chinatown

Sec 3 GI - 19 Oct - Survey Interview (2).JPGSec 3 GI - 19 Oct - Survey Interview (5).JPG
  Survey Interview 
Sec 3 GI - 19 Oct - Groupshot (3).JPG

Sec 2 Historical Investigation - National Museum of Singapore

Sec 2 HI - Watching one of the video displays on development of Singapore in the 1960s (2).jpgSec 2 HI -.jpg
   Watching one of the video displays on development of Singapore in the 1960s. 

Sec 3 Historical Investigation - Trick Eye Museum

Sec 3 HI - Trick Eye Museum.JPGWho trick who?

Organisation Chart

1. Mdm Lin Shing Chi.jpgMdm Lin Shing Chi
HOD (Humanities)
Email :

34. Mr Tan Ting Peng Dayan.jpgMr Dayan Tan
Subject Head (Humanities) / Geography
Email :

43. Mr Karamjeet Singh.jpgMr Karamjeet Singh
HOD (Normal Technical) /
Principles of Accounts
Email :

Mdm Ong Siew Har (Amy Yeo).jpgMrs Amy Yeo 
HOD (Student Management) / 
Social Studies & 
Elements of Business Skills
Email :

62. Mr Kartik Aravind Raj S_O V M Selvarajah.jpgMr Kartik Aravind Raj
Class 4E3 Form Teacher /
Social Studies
Email :

49. Ms Shinderjeet Kaur (Sonia).jpgMs Shinderjeet Kaur
Class 2A2 Form Teacher /
History & Social Studies
Email :
42. Ms Ek Ben Yee.jpgMs Ek Ben Yee
Class 1A3 Form Teacher /
E-mail :

24. Ms Elydia Binte Azman.jpgMs Elydia Azman
Class 2E2 Form Teacher /
Email : 

2. Ms Lim Hui Ying Maybellina.jpgMs Maybellina Lim
Class 1E3 Form Teacher / Geography
Email :
50. Ms Yeo Shu En Ruth.jpgMs Ruth Yeo
Class 3E1 Form Teacher /
History & Social Studies
Email :
9. Ms Shynn Lim Shi Ying.jpgMs Shynn Lim
HOD Year Head /
Elements of Business Skills
Email :

Ms Chang Sze May.jpgMs Chang Sze May
Class 4E2 Form Teacher /
Principles of Accounts
Email : 

113. Mr Lin Fengsheng Linston.jpgMr Winston Lin
Email :

61. Ms Sharifah Aiysah Bte Nasar Ahmad.jpgMs Sharifah Aisyah
Class 4T1 Form Teacher /
History & Social Studies
Email :