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Information Communication Technology



Every JYian a self-directed and collaborative learner through the use of IT.  


To build a pervasive culture of promoting effective use of ICT into the school curriculum to enhance pedagogy that engages collaboration and self-directed learning.  


The IT Department harnesses technology to provide an enriching learning experience to all JYians. We aim to promote a pervasive culture of effective use of ICT into the school curriculum to enhance pedagogy that engages collaboration and self-directed learning. In order to maximise learning moments, the following programmes are implemented:  

IT Enrichment Programme (ITP) 

With rapid advancements in technology and demand for 21st century core competencies, the baseline ICT standard across all Singapore schools has seen continuous change.  In order to meet these required baseline ICT standards, all Juying’s Lower Secondary students undergo a compulsory IT Enrichment Programme (ITP).  ITP is incorporated into the curriculum time allowing a seamless integration with other subjects.  The strategic focus of ITP is to equip students with 21st Century Skills with a strong emphasis on computing, digital fluency and core competencies. Cloud computing skills has been a mainstay in the programme to nurture digital fluency in all our students.

  • Code For Fun I (Animation Programming) is introduced to Secondary One students to initiate students into computational thinking via modular programming using Scratch programming. Students create animations based on Science and Geography topics such as States of Matter, Water Cycle, Atoms/Molecules, River Formation, Volcanos, Tsunamis, etc 

  • Code For Fun II (Games Programming) is introduced to Secondary Two students to further enhance their computational thinking skills by creating subject-based games on Science & Geography concepts. 
  • Microbit Programming is introduced to both Secondary One and Two students to develop critical thinking skills to overcome real life challenges using coding and sensor-based microcontrollers. 

Through the use of technology, we hope maximise every learning opportunity by being current, student-centred and future thinking.

Programmes & Activities

Microbit Programming

Photo 1.JPG
Photo 2n.JPG
Coding microbits with breakout boardsFuture programmers in the making
Photo 3.JPG
Photo 4.JPG
Scissors, Paper, Stone - on micro:bit   Learning Engagement
Photo 5.JPG
Photo 6.JPG
 Fun with CodingThumbs up for ITP lessons!   
 Photo 7.JPG 
Collaborative work     

Code For Fun & Google Cloud Skills

IMG_0614.jpgStudents working on a Scratch project learnt during the ITP lessons.

Visual Programming with Scratch are part of the Code for Fun modules that have been created by MOE to develop interest in coding. The Code For Fun Programme also exposes students in planning and coding their own scripts to develop their own animations and games.
editted-6316.jpgIn ICT enrichment  lessons, Sec 1 students worked on basic MS Office Skills while Sec 2 students will gain tips on Social Networking.
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03 henry_1200.jpg05 marcus_1200.jpg
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Organisation Chart

3. Mr Tan Meng Hwee.jpgMr Tan Meng Hwee
HOD (Information Communication Technology)
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Mr Rudie Asmara
Subject Head (Computer Applications)
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37. Mr Wang Woon Keat.jpgMr Wang Woon Keat
Year Head (Sec 4)
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Ong Xian Qing.jpgMrs Tee-Ong Xian Qing
Class 1E1 Form Teacher  
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36. Mrs Sophia Ang.jpgMrs Sophia Ang
Training Coordinator
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30. Mr Chen Guowei Cellamie.jpgMr Chen Guowei Cellamie
Class 3T1 Form Teacher
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Mr Elvinardy Bin Darwin.jpgMr Elvinardy Darwin 
ICT Associate
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attachment 13.pngMr Sharwin
Desktop Engineer
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