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Mother Tongue



Every Jyian an effective communicator in his/her mother tongue language, upholding his/her cultural values.


Our mission is to achieve better-quality grades and preserve values, cultures & traditions, as well as acquire proficiency in the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) for communication and in daily living.

Long Term Goals

Our Aim:

  • To equip students with Mother Tongue proficiency in four main aspects; listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • To develop students’ spoken and written competence in Mother Tongue Languages.
  • To further develop students’ appreciation toward their Mother Tongue languages and culture.  

Programmes & Activities

  • MT Intensive Programme (Graduating classes)
    Equipping our students with specific examination skills to prepare them for the GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ level examinations. Through this programme, our students are more confident and motivated to do well in their national examinations.

  • MT Focus Group
    Bridging learning gaps through structured supplementary/remedial lessons for all levels.

  • MT Newspaper Reading Programme
    Developing students’ general knowledge and instilling good reading habits by subscribing to the Lian He Zao Bao for CL and Berita Harian for ML. Through this programme, we are also expanding our students' proficiency in their learning of the MT language.

  • MT Fortnight Programme 
    Teaching MTL beyond the classroom by creating an environment that encourages students to use MTL and appreciate the heritage and culture through MT Fortnight Programme activities. 

    MT Fortnight activities for our Sec One to Three students will be carried out in October as Post Exam activities. The students will have the opportunity to explore, experience and exhibit their creativity and apply what they have learnt in their daily life.


TEAM JYSS_CW3 LANGUAGE&  CULTURAL FIESTA 2018.JPGTeam Juying who took part in the
W3 Cluster Mother Tongue Language &
Cultural Fiesta 2018
ML TEAM_2ND PLACE LANGUAGE & CULTURAL QUIZ.JPGThe Malay Language team who won 2nd place
in the Mother Tongue Language & Cultural
Fiesta 2018

Left to right:
Siti Nur Hayarah Binte Muhamed Shah (3E1)
Ryzz Adriana Bte Mohammad H (3A2)
Muhammad Syahmi Alzam Bin Sa'ad (3E2)
Muhammad Danial Bin Aripin (3E2)
CL TEAM_4TH PLACE LANGUAGE & CULTURAL QUIZ.JPG The Chinese Language team who won 4th place 
in the Mother Tongue Language & Cultural
Fiesta 2018

Left to right:
Lee Yi Zhen (3E1)
Rachel Quek Kai En (3E1)
Foong Sin Chen (3E1)
Lee Yi Qian (3E1)
Position Creative Essay Writing Competition 

W3 Cluster Mother Tongue Language & Cultural Fiesta 2018 at Boon Lay Secondary School

Kompang Workshop 

02 Kompang Workshop Sec 2 Malay students (web).jpg04 Kompang Workshop Sec 2 Malay students (web).jpg03 Kompang Workshop Sec 2 Malay students (web).jpg05 Kompang Workshop Sec 2 Malay students (web).jpg Kompang Workshop for Sec 2 Malay students

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Malay Language)

07 MT Fortnight (web).jpgRiddle Solving
09 MT Fortnight (web).jpgSpelling Bee
08 MT Fortnight (web).jpg
Composing Rap lyrics 
10 MT Fortnight (web).jpg Kompang Challenge
11 MT Fortnight (web).jpg Acting out characters from a scene
06 MT Fortnight (web).jpg Final Checkpoint

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Chinese Language)

IMG_0363JPG.jpgIMG_0376JPG.jpgChinese Character Painting


Chinese Character Painting
IMG_0592.JPGIMG_0634.JPGIMG_0588.JPGChinese Character Painting 
IMG_0612.JPGIMG_0615.JPG Team Bonding

Organisation Chart

6. Mdm Maslinni Bte Abdul Malik.jpgMdm Maslinni Abdul Malik
HOD (Mother Tongue)
Email :

3H0A6885.JPGMdm Gan Hui Yee
Subject Head (Chinese Language)
Email :

68. Ms Li Jing.jpgMdm Li Jing 
Senior Teacher
 (Chinese Language)
Email :
72. Ms Lau Jia Yun.jpgMs Lau Jia Yun
Class 5A1 Form Teacher
Email :

48. Ms Zhang Qian.jpgMs Zhang Qian 
Class 4E1 Form Teacher
Email :

56. Ms Lim Siew Yin.jpg
Ms Lim Siew Yin
Class 3E2 Form Teacher
Email :
Ms Chen Yonghua.jpgMs Chen Yonghua
Class 2E2 Form Teacher
Email :
30. Mr Chen Guowei Cellamie.jpg
Mr Chen Guowei Cellamie
Class 3T1 Form Teacher
Email :
51. Ms Ho Sing Ern.jpg

Ms Ho Sing Ern
Class 1E2 Form Teacher
Email :

7. Mr Lee Lian Hui Roy.jpgMr Roy Lee
Class 4T1 Deputy Form Teacher /
Secondary 2 Year Head
Email :

74. Mdm Rozana Bte Salleh.jpg

Mdm Rozana Salleh
Class 1A1 Form Teacher
Email :

Mdm Nur Wahidah Bte Sidik.jpgMdm Wahidah Sidik
Class 4E2 Form Teacher
Email :

60. Mdm Nyai DIyana Kartini.jpg Mdm Nyai Diyana
Class 3T1 Form Teacher
Email :

57. Ms Suhana Binte Jumadi.jpgMs Suhana Jumadi
Class 2T1 Form Teacher
Email :

28. Mr Sies Bin Senan.jpgMr Sies Senan
Adjunct Teacher
Email :

Ms Teow Siew Kun.jpgMdm Teow Siew Kun
Adjunct Teacher
  Email :