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Normal Technical



Empowering the Normal (Technical) student for success.


  • To prepare students for ITE, into courses of their choice        
  • To focus on students’ character development 
  • To achieve academic excellence using the real and experiential learning approach      


Secondary 1

The secondary 1 students were taught useful skills in the NT programme lessons like presentation skills, 3D modelling, photo-editing with and introduction to programming skills. 

Secondary 2

The secondary 2 students were introduced to script writing, storyboarding, videography and video-editing in the first semester under the NT programme lessons.    

The students went for an ITE visit where they experienced first-hand the courses and life in ITE. They opted for Aeronautics Engineering Elective Module. Here, students had a feel of making and flying gliders and drones, first-hand experience of a flight simulator, learning journeys and career prospects related to the industry.    

Secondary 3 and 4

The secondary 3 students were allocated to sign up for “Category A” Elective Module (EM) which was jointly organised by the ITEs. They opted for the Videography module and Mobile Robotics module. They spent four days at the ITE, mostly involved in hands on activities.    

The Secondary 4 students opted for Automotive Engineering Elective Module (EM). Students had a feel of Go Karting, Motion Driving Simulators, learning journeys and career prospects related to the industry.

Activities & Programmes

2018 Programmes

  • Sec 4T1 – Automotive engineering (Elective Module Category A)
  • Sec 3T1 – ITE West, they experienced 5 days of Robo Pet training (Elective Module Category)
  • Sec 3T1 – ITE East, they experienced 5 days of 3D Printing training (Elective Module Category B)
  • Sec 2T1 – Hospitality and Tourism (Elective Module Category B) Sec 1T1 – Photo editing (in-house)
  • Sec 2T1 – Video editing (in-house)Sec 3T1 – Values in Action (VIA), Hatyai, Thailand

Learning Journeys

pic1.jpg1T1 doing photo-editing
pic2.JPG2T1 at ITE College West
pic3.JPGpic4.JPG2T1 at the flight simulator
pic5.jpg 2T1 at Learning Journey on aviation
pic6.jpg3T1 preparing for video presentation at
ITE College Central
IMG_3887.JPGIMG_4570.JPG2T1 Learning journey to 1Altitude and
Resort World Sentosa
pic7.jpg4T1 at a Mobile Robotics lesson at ITE College West 
IMG_5931.JPG4NT preparing to race GO Kart
SAM_2267.JPG4T1 at a car racing simulator
pic10.JPG4T1 after their motor racing module

Elective Modules

photo1.jpg3T1 students having fun with electronics
2T1 students in a flight simulator
DSC06009.JPG3NT students having fun with Robo Pet Training 
photo4.JPGStudents at Seletar airport
photo5.JPGphoto6.JPGStudents at the The Air Force Museum 
photo7.JPG4T1 students visiting an aircraft hangar  
photo8.JPG 4T1 students learning about gliders
Irfan (4T1) flying a simulated plane 

Organisation Chart


43. Mr Karamjeet Singh.jpgMr Karamjeet Singh
HOD (Normal Technical) /
Principles of Accounts
Email :

67. Mr Muhammad Rushdi Bin Amin.jpgMr Muhammad Rushdi
Class 3A1 Form Teacher / Physical Education
Email :

30. Mr Chen Guowei Cellamie.jpgMr Chen Guowei Cellamie
Class 3T1 Form Teacher /
NTPRO, ITP & Chinese Language
Email :

61. Ms Sharifah Aiysah Bte Nasar Ahmad.jpgMs Sharifah Aisyah
Class 4T1 Form Teacher / History, Social Studies &
Elements of Business Skills
Email :

4. Ms Nur Nadiyah Binte Abdullah.jpgMs Nur Nadiyah Abdullah
Class 2T1 Form Teacher / 
English Language
Email :