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Physical Education & CCA



Healthy Bodied & Healthy Minded JYian.


  • To inculcate in every JYians the knowledge for an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide opportunities for JYians to be physically active for at least 3 times a week.
  • To learn and play at least four sports throughout their 4/5 years of PE lessons.


In Juying Secondary, we strongly believe that every student should have a L.I.F.E (Lifelong Investment in Fitness
and Exercise). 
 We do this through activities in 
PE, Aesthetics & OE that instill the R³IGHT values (Respect, Responsibilities, Resilience, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility & Teamwork).


1. Physical
(a) Each JYian will participate in at least 3 activities a year
  • Fitness run
  • OE program eg: dragon-boating, abseiling, rock climbing
  • Inter-class games, 
  • ACES Day
  • Sports Carnival
(b) Modular PE lesson.
  • Grouping of students based on games, fitness or obesity.
  • Progressive PE SOWs from Sec 1 – 4/5 
  • Semester feedback from students on teacher’s teaching & learning
  • PE Assessment
 2. Mental
(a)  Teaching of R³IGHT Values in PE lessons
(b) Leading a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Brief every student of PE department’s Vision and Mission.
  • Health Talk, Promotion & Activities during assembly
(c) Teaching of Physical & Health Fitness
  • Infused into PE lesson
  • Healthy eating lesson by F&N department
  • Health talk by School Health Advisor
3. Social
(a)  Leadership development
  • Sports Leaders course
  • PE team leaders
(b)  Inter-cohort activities
  • Cheers
  • Sports and games
(c) Aesthetics Program
  • Modular dance / music lesson
  • JYian Mass Dance

Organisation Chart

Mr Chua Soon Heng.jpg
Mr Chua Soon Heng
HOD (Physical Education & CCA)
73. Mr Loh Weng Jun Herman.jpg
Mr Herman Loh Weng Jun
Subject Head (CCA & Student Leadership)
Email :  

11) Mr Choong Guo Wei.jpg
Mr Choong Guowei
Class 1A3 Form Teacher
Email :
Mr Chuah Soon Ann.jpgMr Chuah Soon Ann
Senior Teacher (Ed Support)

Email :

Mr Soh Wei Qiang.jpgMr Soh Wei Qiang
Prefect Master /
Class 4A1 Form Teacher 
Email :

67. Mr Muhammad Rushdi Bin Amin.jpg
Mr Muhammad Rushdi 
Class 3A1 Form Teacher
Email :