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Every JYian a Self-directed learner with an inquiring mind.


To cultivate lifelong learners with an awareness and interest in the application of Science in their daily lives.


    The Science Department strives to inculcate the joy of learning in our students by providing them with varied experiences to stimulate their curiosity and discover their interests. Through our specially selected programmes, our students have also acquired new knowledge and skills relevant to the real world. 


    Science department started year 2018 celebrating the fruits of our exciting lessons and hard work throughout the previous years. JYians have done better than the national percentage distinctions and/or passes, in the following subjects.

    1. Sec 4NT N-Level NT Science5. Sec 5NA O-Level Science (Physics/Biology)
    2. Sec 4NA N-Level Science (Physics/Chemistry)6. Sec 5NA O-Level Science (Physics/Chemistry)
    3. Sec 4NA N-Level Science (Physics/Biology)7. Sec 4E O-Level Physics (SPA) 
    4. Sec 4Exp O-Level Science (Chemistry/Biology)8. Sec 4E O-Level Biology (SPA) 

    Achievements in Competitions

    2018 International Competitions & Assessments
    for Schools (ICAS)
    1 Distinction
    17 Credits
    17 Merits
     2018 ignITE Skills Challenge
    – Colourful Hands, Colourful Minds

    2017 International Competitions & Assessments
    for Schools (ICAS)

    3 Distinctions
    20 Credits
    23 Merits

     2017 ignITE SkillsChallenge 
    – Derma Rouge

    2017 IgnITE Challenge Derma Rouge


    2014 W3 Science CompetitionBronze
    2013 W3 Science CompetitionChampion
    5th place

    Science Enrichment

    This year, our Secondary 1 students visited the exhibition Future World at Art Science Museum, and were immersed in art and science through digital and interactive installations.

    Secondary 2 students embarked on a learning journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with key inquiry questions in mind. They interacted with experienced guides to understand its biodiversity and captured sights and sounds which they shared through class presentations. Over the June break, Secondary 2 Express students explored various topics of their interests and worked on DIY Science projects, where they created videos to explain science concepts behind their experiments.

    At Secondary 3 level, a group of students pursued their interest in crystal-growing and worked tirelessly over several months, and presented their work at the NUS Crystal Growing Challenge 2018. Through hard work, another team of students put their chromatography skills to the test and emerged as Champions in ignITE Skills Challenge 2018 – Colourful Hands, Colourful Minds. In addition, our students were also engaged in a visit to Jurong Island Power Station and the Changi Intertidal Walk.

    In the pursuit of excellence, selected Sec 4 students also participated in the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad.

    1. ignITE Skills Challenge 2018.jpeg
    Our Champion team at the ignITE Skills Challenge 2018. Well done!

    2. Winning work for ignITE.jpeg3. NUS Crystal-growing Challenge 2018.JPG
    The team’s winning work Rafflestinction for ignITE, using chromatography. NUS Crystal-growing Challenge 2018
    4. NUS Poster Presentation.jpeg5. Sec 1 Art Science Museum.jpg
     Presentation of crystal at NUS, after one semester of crystal-growing work. Sec 1s trying out the interactive exhibits at the Art Science Museum.
     6. Sec 2 Sungei Buloh.JPG7. Sec 3 Intertidal Walk.jpeg
     Sec 2s soaking in the sights and sounds of animal and plant life at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.  Sec 3s Biology students observing intertidal organisms up close during a coastal walk at Changi.
       8. Sec 3 Power Station.jpeg
       Sec 3s Physics students visiting a power station at Jurong Island.

    Programmes & Activities

    1_Mad Mocktails.JPG2_Derma Rouge.jpg
    Layering juices and syrups to create
    a unique and delicious mocktail!  

    Illustrating different types of wounds using household items in the Derma Rouge Challenge  
    3_Sungei Buloh.jpeg4_Chek Jawa.JPG
    Exploring the Sungei Buloh Wetland ReserveExploring Chek Jawa   
    5a_Science Centre Brain Fest.jpeg
    5b_Science Centre Brain Fest.jpeg
     Putting their forensic skills to the test to solve a murder crime
    6_Science Assembly Talk.jpg   Sec 2 students sharing about their learning journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

    01 Solar Eclipse Viewing.jpgSolar Eclipse Viewing

    Organisation Chart

    12. Ms Yang Wenqing.jpgMs Yang Wenqing
    Head of Department (Science)
    Email :

    35. Mr Lee Hon Yen.jpgMr Lee Hon Yen
    Lead Teacher (Physics)
    Email :

    47. Ms Tan Pei Yin Linda.jpgMs Linda Tan
    Senior Teacher / Biology /
    Class 4E1 Form Teacher
    Email :
    41. Ms Irene Lim Miao Ee.jpgMdm Irene Lim
    Coordinator (Chemistry)
    Class 3A1 Form Teacher

    Email :

    15. Mr Cai Zhiwen.jpgMr Cai Zhiwen 
    Year Head 

    Ms Ng May Ling.jpgMs Ng Mei Ling
    Senior Teacher
    (Special Education)
    Email :
    8. Mr Chung Zhiwen.jpgMr Chung Zhiwen 
    Class 5A1 Form Teacher 
    Email :

    70. Ms Yeo Yee Teng.jpgMs Yeo Yee Teng 
    Class 2E1 Form Teacher 

    2) Dr Tan Ying Shan.jpgMs Tan Ying Shan
    Sec 1A2 Form Teacher
    Email :

    78. Mr Soh Joon Wei.jpgMr Soh Joon Wei
    Class 1E2 Form Teacher 
    Email :
    39. Mr Aw Jiong Le Clive.jpg Mr Clive Aw
    Class 2A1 Form Teacher
    Email :

    40. Mr Soh Ming Quan.jpgMr Soh Ming Quan
    Class 4T1 Form Teacher
    Email :

    25. Ms Raudhah Binte Mohammad Rizal.jpgMs Raudhah Mohd Rizal 
    Class 2A2 Form Teacher 
    Email :
    Mr Tan Xin Hao Enrico.jpgMr Enrico Tan

    12) Mr Yee Jen Siong.jpgMr Yee Jen Siong
    Class 1A1 Form Teacher
    Email :

    Ms Soo Mei Hui.jpgMs Soo Mei Hui
    112. Mr Mohammad Fauzul.jpg Mr Mohammad Fauzul
    Email :

    Mr Senthil S_O Silvarajoo.jpgMr Senthil Silvarajoo
    Email :

    31. Mdm Asmah Bte Mohd Said.jpgMdm Asmah Mohd Said
    Operations Support Officer
    Email :
    32. Mdm Chua Bee Teng.jpgMdm Chua Bee Teng
    Lab Technician
    Email :
    33. Mdm Zareena Beham D_O Ponnani.jpgMdm Zareena Beham
    Operations Support Officer
    Email :