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Student Well-being

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Short Term Goals

The department aims to identify, monitor and provide for the welfare of the JYians and helps character development through providing a more proactive, systemic and total school approach, opportunities for pupils to develop personal and inter-personal skills, and personal and social responsibilities, leadership qualities and to demonstrate citizenship attributes. 

As the school aims to prepare JYians to be future-ready and useful citizens by inculcating values and inspiring in them a passion for learning, through the Student Well-being programmes, the department thrives to meet the physiological needs, social emotional needs and learning needs of the JYians so as to support them in their all-round development. The 3 main aspects of students’ needs identified is as shown in Figure 1.

PCCG_Concept Paper_Figure 1

Figure 1

Organisation Chart

Committee Members
Ms Shynn LimCCE
Mrs Anita NeoCCE 2IC
Ms Nor DianaEducation and Career Guidance (ECG) Coordinator / LS Values in Action (VIA) Skills 
Ms Chang Sze May Education and Career Guidance (ECG)
Mr Mustafa Bin AliLS Values in Action (VIA) Skills
Mr Chuah Soon AnnLocal Values in Action (VIA) 
Mr Rudie Asmara Cyberwellness Coordinator 
Mdm Rozana Bte SallehNational Education (NE) Coordinator 
Mr Benjamin Goh National Education (NE)
Mdm Shurtin Bte SayutiSexuality Ed Coordinator 
Ms Ruth YeoContemporary Issues Integration 
Ms Elydia Bte AzmanPositive School Climate 
Mr Joseph Yap Counselling
Year Heads / AYH

Information for Character Education Curriculum

The Character Education (CE) Formal Curriculum that comprises the CCE Lessons, School-based CCE and CCE Guidance Modules (Sexuality Education (SE), Cyber wellness (CW), Education and Career Guidance), is revised and designed based on the 6 CCE domains – self, family, school, community, nation and world, CCE Learning Outcomes, social trends and student developmental needs surfaced by the school’s Character Excellence Committee. The CE curriculum with a specific learning intent for each level has the characteristics of sequence where learning is cumulative and continuous, continuity where there is progression of values, attitudes, knowledge and skills at increased depth and complexity over the length of curriculum and transferability where students are able to put their learning into actions for internationalisation of values and skills. 

The learning intents for the 4/5 levels are as follows:

Secondary One – Self-Mastery
Secondary Two – Relationship Mastery  
Secondary Three – Leadership Skills
Secondary Four and Five – Pursuing Excellence

The learning intent of Self-Mastery is chosen for the Secondary One as they need to be aware of their identity – their strengths and weaknesses, to face the transition from Primary Six to Secondary One, being in new environment and handling new demands and challenges for adolescents. The Secondary Two, having settled in secondary school for a year, will need the skills to engage and relate to others, which include their peers, teachers and parents, and through it, they will learn more of themselves and the value of empathy. The Secondary Three who will take up leadership positions in their respective CCAs will need the leadership skills to lead and inspire their peers and juniors. Lastly, the Secondary Four and Five will stay focused in pursuing excellence in both aspects of academic and character development, which will definitely translate into excellent results in their national examinations.
The learning intents are achieved through the teaching of school R3IGHT values – Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Teamwork, CE knowledge, skills and competencies in a consolidated way via different school programmes – both academic and non-academic. The CE Committee, which is formed by the Heads of Department and Subject Heads of all co-curriculum (PCCG/CCE, PE/CCA/Outdoor Education, Aesthetics, Student Development, National Education-Values-in-Action (NE-VIA), Normal Technical), Senior Teacher of Student Development, Year Heads, House Masters and the Prefect Master, works collaboratively and integrate the CE programmes, ensuring that there is no duplication of CE lessons. All CE lessons are guided by the structure of CCE 3 Big Ideas of Identity (who they are), Relationship (how they relate to self and others) and Choices (the ability to make good choices). 

The school rides on Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens as a school-based CCE programme to motivate pupils to take responsibility for their personal well being and effectiveness. These habits : be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win-win, seek first to understand – then to be understood, synergisesharpen the saw, reinforce the learning of CCE domains of self, family, school and community as the students can be expected to gain control over their life, get focused and organised, enhanced their relationships, improve their communication and achieve work/life balance. The habits learnt will also enable the students to understand, internalize and apply the school values into their daily lives. The form teachers are put in-charge to deliver the lessons on the 7 habits during the alternate weeks of form-teacher time.


7 habits tree

Assembly Programme

The Assembly Programme on alternate weeks is another CCE school-based programme,. It is planned and organised by the CE Committee with the aim to deliberate the school R3IGHT values and serve as platforms for students’ experience in the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP).

Financial Assistance Scheme

Support for Students who need Financial Assistance

The goal of the FAS Committee is to identify students with special financial circumstances that may confine their holistic development and growth in JYSS. Throughout the year, the FAS Committee works together with the staff to identify and nominate students to receive suitable scholarships and bursaries generously given by various organisations.

Reading Books Presentation

A total of 214 students received a set of English reading books to aid in their learning of the English Language. Together with teachers from the English Language department, suitable reading books were selected for students according to their language abilities and interests. In addition, all students received the motivational book, ‘The Joys and Pains of Growing Up… 17 Principles Every Youth Must Know!’ by Mr Peter Lau, a successful ex-JYian who was the world’s youngest Neuro-Semantics® Trainer in 2007 and motivational speaker. At the books presentation, each book that the students received was affixed with a special note by our Principal, Mr Seet, to encourage students in sharing of the books they had received, inculcating them the important values of sharing and paying it forward.

CDAC and Mendaki Tuition Programme

In alignment with the school’s focus on academic excellence, the school sought the help of teacher-volunteers from the CDAC and Mendaki tuition programme for our JYians in their learning of the core subjects. A total of 95 students across levels and ethnic groups benefitted from these weekly tuition sessions, allowing them additional assistance in their understanding of the concepts in their English, Mathematics and Science subjects. This was a significant step for our students who faced financial constraints but yet required additional assistance in their studies.  

Creating Opportunities for the Pursuit of Excellence Series (C.O.P.E.s)

Objectives of Event 

The workshops are planned to assist the upper secondary students to:

1.  achieve the school ‘s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) level learning outcomes that is ‘ students will be pursuing excellence for their national examinations, post-secondary education and future endeavours in the globalised world’.

2.  attain the CCE skills of reflective thinking, perspective taking and responsible decision making.

3.  practice the values of resilience and responsibility.          

The C.O.P.E. series of workshop is customized for the Upper Secondary Students in 2015 Term 1. The students of the graduating classes namely the Secondary Four Express, Secondary Four Normal (Academic), Secondary Four Normal (Technical) and the Secondary Five Normal (Academic), will attend a total of 5 sessions workshop. The Secondary Three students will be attending the C.O.P.E series of workshop in 2015 Terms 2 and 4.  In these workshops, the students learnt that it is possible to turn our own imperfect circumstances, insecurities and weaknesses into a source of strength and to overcome adversity. They learnt that being successful is about self-actualization, being able to achieve personal growth and live a fulfilling and purposeful life in accordance with our personal values and aspirations. The students explore, clarify and strengthen their personal motivations for wanting to be successful. The students were also taught good learning skills, techniques and habits that will enhance their long-term learning effectiveness and academic performance.

C.O.P.E.s Workshop.jpg
Class 3 Express 1 with the Speaker Mr Hong Chee Joo  

Positive School Climate (PSC) Awards

To give recognition to students for exhibiting the R3IGHT values.  

The Juying Secondary Positive School Climate (PSC) awards are a set of awards that give recognition to our students for exhibiting the school R3IGHT values. A total of 23 students, who represented their respective classes, were presented the Most Proactive Student awards this year in Term Two. They exemplified the ideal student in Juying Secondary through their actions within and out of the classroom, such as following up with their classmates who were absent from class. To recognise the collective efforts of classes that contributed to the overall positive school culture, the Most Proactive Class awards were also given to each level. It has truly been an encouraging year to see our JYians living out the school values!

The Most Proactive Class for each level

The Most Proactive Student Awardees
Muhammad Danial B Aripin (1E1)Rachel Quek Kai En (1E2)
Kaitlyn Wong (1A1)Gan Jing Yi (1A2)
Syazwina Bte Mohamed Jaabar (1T1)Joy Toh Li Shi (2E1) 
 Chow Hui Ming (2E2)Kang Jia Xuan (2E3) 
Wilson Low Jun Jie (2A1)  Lau Hong Yit (2A2)
Eugene Ong Jian Da (2T1) Rozene Yap Cher Wei (3E1) 
 Roy Teo Jia Jun (3E2)Nur Darwisha Bte Muhammad R (3A1) 
 Nur Zawana Bibi Bte Abdus S (3A2)Ho Si Hui (3T1) 
 Huang Ruijia (4E1) Muhammad Akmal B Abdul Rahman (4E2)
 Shaik Ameer Mastan B Shaik A (4A1) Kang Tian Qi (4A2)
 Muhammad Shaquille Ramadan B S (4A3) Greg Ang Jia Wei (4T1)
 Thaqif B Nazri (5A1) 

Student-led Parent Teacher Conference  

The Student-led Parent Teacher Conference takes on a different approach from the conventional biannual parent teacher conference. 

In a Student-led Parent Teacher Conference, students are empowered to take ownership of their learning. Prior to the conference, students set academic and character goals. They gather feedback from subject teachers on ways to improve academically. 

Under the guidance of their form teachers, students prepare their presentation and share these goals and achievements with their parents. In this way, the ownership of learning is transferred to the students. As they share, they build confidence and take responsibility in their learning.


Ms Roslin & Ms Hong updating the parent on their child's progress

Mr Bryan Ee and Mr Surya updating the parent on their child's progress.

Graduation Dinner

18 November was a day to be remembered by the graduating Secondary 4 and 5 students of the 2017 cohort. Dressed for an evening of fun, JYians and teachers filled the ballroom at Jurong SAFRA with their laughter and their cheers.

This was a significant event for the graduating students as they celebrated a milestone to mark the completion of their secondary school life. In a relaxed mood and in their best attire, JYians took photographs as a keepsake to capture this precious event. The students took the chance to appreciate the teachers for their hard work and for sowing seeds of wisdom in their minds. A special video reminiscing a shared journey throughout the years in Juying Secondary School was especially evocative and touching. 

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WhatsApp Image 2018-08-24 at 11.01.09.jpeg