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The JYian Alumni serves as a link between past students and the school. It enables past students to gather and interact, preserving and renewing old friendships, and provides an opportunity for past students to give something back to the school which has nurtured them.

 Our JYian Alumnus are role models and a source of inspiration to present pupils to strive towards success.
Above all, they help to instil in pupils the sense of loyalty and pride for the school.

Juying Secondary School


Our Heartiest Congratulations to

Lim Jin Wei of 2012 5A1 ! Jin Wei has achieved Scholarship for his 
Diploma in Customer Relationship & Service Management. 
Well Done!!

Lim Hui Wen Cheryllina of 2012 4E2 ! Cheryllina had achieved Scholarship for her
Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management.

Ong Pang Cheok Kenny of 2006 5A2 ! With pure determination, he persevered and achieved the
Module Prize for his Diploma in Sports Coaching.
We are most proud of him!!

Jessica Ong Jia Er of 2012 5A1 ! Jessica had achieved the
Module Prize for her Diploma in Biomedical Sciences.


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3a Neo Jia Yu 2010 4E2.jpg

Our Heartiest Congratulations to

Neo Jia Yu of 2010 4E2! Jia Yu had achieved Diploma with Merits in Academic Year 2015. The Diploma with Merit is given to the top 10% of students for good academic performance in the Diploma.

3b engineering@poly.jpg

Philip Low Jun Xiang of 2013 5A1 who has done well and currently acting as the Student Ambassador for Publicity in Engineering Courses in the 4 main Polytechnics of Singapore.
3c NYP.jpg

3d NP.jpg

Foong Wei Ling of 2013 5A1 for making her way to the Director’s List in the Nayang Poly.

Wee Kia Min for achieving Diploma with Merit in Mechanical Engineering in Nanyang Poly.

Goh Ming Mei for achieving SFCCA Prize in Diploma in Chinese Studies.


4a Quek Jiajin.JPG4b Quek Jiajin.JPG

Our Heartiest Congratulations to Quek Jiajin 2010 5A2!

Jiajin had achieved the top Module Prize for excellent academic performance in Academic Year 2014 for Digital Design and Pre-Print Workflow.

JYSS VP Ms Jennifer Wong and ex-Form Teacher Ms Christina Ng has been invited to attend Jiajin’s Award Ceremony.


Well Done! Excellent!! Congratulations to

Jessica 2012 5A1,

Sunny 2012 4E1, 

JiaYu 2011 5A2, 

Cheryllina 2012 4E2 and 

Pei Fang 2011 5A1 who are the various scholarship and Module Prize winners. We are most proud of you!