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Parents Support Group

Juying Parents Support Group (JPSG)


Long Term Goals

1. To provide a platform for parents to communicate and give feedback to the school.

2. To provide an informal setting to            

   •    Strengthen parent-child bonding,             
   •    Build teacher-parent relationship,             
   •    Promote friendship and establish networking among parents.

3. To equip parents with parenting skills and knowledge and add value to JYian’s education.


JPSG Committee recognises the importance of parents working hand in hand with the school to bring out the best in our children. We believe that in order to help our children be successful in school, parents and teachers must come together as a team. We believe that when teachers and parents are allies and teammates, our combined influence on our children is very powerful indeed.

JPSG has always been supportive and actively involved in many school events such as the Annual Fitness Run and Teacher’s Day Celebration. In addition, parents are always ready to come forward and organise meaningful activities to foster a strong relationship between the school, families and other parents. Our annual parent-initiated activities include Family Bonding Day, Teachers’ Day Gift-making, and Sandwich-Making for the graduating students sitting for their GCE O-Level examination. 

These activities send a positive message to our children that we take an interest in their education.

Parenting talks for parents
 Outdoor activities to improve parents-child bonding
 Enrichment programmes for parents to have a better family life
Networking amongst parents and sharing of experiences in parenting
 Support the child learning journey through constant engagement
  Community services with care and compassion


Every Parent, An Engaged, Effective And Supportive Parent.

JPSG Activities in 2018

Breakfast Session.jpg
Breakfast Session
Gifts from JYSS Parents.jpg
Gifts from JYSS Parents
JPSG Breakfast Session.jpg
JPSG Breakfast Session
Lo Hei As One.jpg
Lo Hei As One
Our Supportive Parents.jpg
Our Supportive Parents
Parents as JYian Dance Comp Judges.jpg
Parents as JYian Dance Competition judges
Parents N Kids in Action.jpg
Parents and Kids in action
Teachers' Day Gift Making

JPSG Activities in 2019

Family bond.jpg
Family bonding 1
Family bonding 2
Family bond 3.jpg
Family bonding 3
Family bond 4.jpg
Family Bonding 4
JPSG Annual Cross Country
JPSG Open House
JPSG Open House
Teachers Day Celeb_1.jpg
Teachers' Day Celebration