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Strength of Character


The School's Strategic Thrust 2: Strength of Character aims to develop Every JYian to become a values-driven leader and contributing citizen who adopts a healthy lifestyle.

The strategic thrust is subdivided into 4 sub-strategic thrusts:

ST 2.1: Pastoral Care & Career Guidance (PCCG), Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Curriculum

ST 2.2: Physical Education (PE), Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) and Outdoor Education (OE)

ST 2.3: Aesthetics Education; and

ST 2.4: Student Development and Leadership Education.

The committee is formed by the Heads of Department and Subject Heads of all co-curriculum (PCCG/CCE, PE/CCA/OE, Aesthetics, Student Development, National Education/Values-in-Action, Normal Technical), Senior Teacher  (Student Development), Year Heads, House Masters and the Prefect Master.

Our school exemplifies the R2IGHT values which are:

1.       Respect

2.       Responsibility

3.       Integrity

4.       Gratitude

5.       Humility

6.       Tenacity