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After School Engagement


To meet the Social Emotional (SE) needs of students by creating an environment for students to build social skills through interaction with peers and teachers through activities.


As part of Juying's After School Programme, all JYians are welcomed to visit the newly renovated Chillax to spend their afternoon among friends. Chillax is the ‘happening’ location in school where students meet to socialise, plan activities together and make good use of their available time after school. The room is designed with the school's theme of "Vibrancy in Diversity" in mind.

With a diverse selection of resources which includes Xbox Game consoles, arcade-sized Guitar Hero and Para-Para Dance machine, pool tables and lots more, Chillax is the vibrant place where students and staff can come together to chill and relax in a conducive and safe environment after school. 

JYians can certainly look forward to another fantastic year at Chillax as more exciting activities & programmes have been planned and lined up for them!
opening_Chillax_800.jpgOur Principal, Mdm Soh, at the official opening of the newly renovated Chillax

guitar_heroes.jpgGuitar Hero enthusiasts showdown at Chillax.

para2_360.jpgWho will walk out tops in the next Para-Para Dance Off?

pool_360.jpgNothing like an afternoon at the pool tables.

Friends getting together for an afternoon of table soccer. 

 Xbox Games with friends anyone?



A sprawling, newly renovated and exciting Juying Chillax Room.