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ALP - Oracy Skills

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Applied Learning Programme

Developing Confident, Competent & Empathetic Communicators

The school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) aims to ‘Develop Confident, Competent and Empathetic Communicators’. The ALP has a holistic framework that focuses on the 5Es – ‘Engage, Excite, Explore, Enrich and Empower’.  

The programmes engage all JYians at different Tiers – Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 2+, each targeting our students at a different scale, with Tier 1 covering the entire school to provide various fundamental oracy skillsets and broad-based school-wide opportunities for application, Tier 2 focusing on providing selected groups of JYians with opportunities to enhance their oracy skills and build their portfolio, and Tier 2+ targeting a small group of students with potential and passion to deepen their experiences beyond the school and expose them to post-secondary oracy-related courses and careers.

Regardless of the tier of the ‘Engage’ programmes, they seek to ‘Excite’ all JYians to have the joy of communicating, allow them to ‘Explore’ and discover their style as a speaker, ‘Enrich’ them by sharpening their oracy skills and ‘Empower’ them to advocate for positive changes, be it in school or in the community.

Tier 1:
 Cohort Workshops
Tier 1:
Whole School IP-ALP Integration (Advocacy)
Tier 1:
Stand & Deliver
Tier 2:
Ambassadors Workshop
Tier 2:
(Drama & Debate)
Tier 2:
Open House Ambassadors,
 Tier 2+:
Talent Development Workshop
Tier 2+:
 Talent Development Programme
 Tier 2+:
Ted Talks,
Roving Reporters,
Gardens By The Bay Ambassadorship

ALP Tier 1

The school's ALP Tier 1 Engage Programmes include cohort training workshops, multi-disciplinary ‘Stand & Deliver’ sharing and advocacy opportunities via CCE-PASSION projects. Students are exposed to different oracy skills as they progress from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4/5.  There will be opportunities for them to do their ‘Stand & Deliver’ as part of the curriculum and do advocacy projects as part of their VIA, so that they can apply their oracy skills.

ALP Tier 2

The ALP Tier 2 Engage Programmes target selected groups of students such as Speech and Drama Society CCA members, student leaders and Talent Development Programme members to expose them to a comprehensive oracy programme throughout their secondary school education, where our JYians get school-wide ambassadorship exposure and participate in nation-wide competitions to sharpen their oracy competency and enhance their resume.  

 Our Talent Development Programme has been underway for 3 years running and interested students undergo a series of tailor-made training workshops. Upon completion, they will be able to join our ‘Juying Roving Reporters’, ‘Juying Gardens Ambassadors’, ‘Juying TED Speakers’ and ‘Juying Emcees’ groups to apply their skills and build their competencies in these roles.  

 The school has invited media personalities to share with our students on the life as a news anchor and a television host to provide them with authentic real-world perspectives about the media industry. Some personalities include Mr Steve Chia, a news anchor with Channel NewsAsia, Mr. Timothy W. Go, a seasoned media personality who was a news anchor with Channel NewsAsia and is more recently hosting the evening programme on 938 Live, and Ms Belinda Lee, a television host who has appeared on many travel shows and documentaries with Mediacorp.

ALP Tier 2+


The Tier 2+ Engage programmes focus on a small group of students with potential and passion to provide them exposure to post-secondary options in courses and fields related to oracy. Students also get external ambassadorship opportunities with organisations to gather authentic field experiences and spear-head advocacy projects based on their interest areas.

The ALP committee continues to seek out partnerships with industry practitioners to provide our JYians with the link and awareness of possible career and educational options that align with their interests and tap on this essential skill of oracy. As we chart the progress for the school’s ALP in 2021, look forward to even more exciting and enriching opportunities for our JYians!

LLP Activities

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