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ALP - Oracy Skills

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Applied Learning Programme

Developing Confident & Competent Communicators through Oracy Skills

Objectives of Programme:

To build confident and competent communicators who:

  •  Demonstrate knowledge of spoken grammar and register
  •  Speak with accurate  pronunciation and intonation
  •  Plan and present information for a variety of purposes
  •  Use appropriate skills, strategies and language to convey meaning during interactions
  •  Produce spontaneous and planned spoken texts that are grammatically accurate, fluent, coherent and cohesive
  •  Have the relevant soft skills to carry themselves well so that they are prepared for the future workplace.


Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3-5

Skills to be taught

Basic technicalities of speaking – pronunciation, intonation, articulation

Using body language effectively to communicate with others

Developing stage presence through expanded public speaking opportunities

Level Activities

Storytelling skills workshop & showcase at morning assembly


Drama skills – dramatising scenes from the Literature text ‘Sing to the Dawn’

Drama skills – script writing and dramatising scenes from the Literature text ‘Street of the Small Night Market’

Sec 3: Public speaking skills workshop, presentation of learning from overseas VIA trips


Sec 4 & 5: Speaking at Stand & Deliver sessions


Modelled after Speaker’s Corner in Hong Lim Park, the school has an area in the canteen for students to deliver speeches during their recess times, hence the term ‘Stand and Deliver’ as they have to stand on a podium to deliver their speeches. Students who are scheduled are to speak will gather their classmates during recess and these students will form the crowd to listen to the speakers.

Students are given opportunities to speak on a variety of given topics, such as Racial Harmony or friendship. They may also read news articles or stories aloud. We also encourage students to use this platform to speak on topics they are passionate about, such as animal protection or books they enjoy reading.

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