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Kindness & Gratitude Movement


The Kindness and Gratitude Movement was launched by Juying Secondary School in 2019 in our collective effort to drive a gracious community. The ceremony was graced by Dr William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement, as well as the Parent Support Group. 

The Student Council took the led in kickstarting their legacy project titled “Delivering Kindness”. The project was built on the idea of delivering kindness and it comprised many small projects that target different audience. 

It started with appreciation of school janitors and security guards where they were invited to a Chinese New Year celebration. ‘Gratitude Cards’ were sold to students and they wrote notes to frontline workers when COVID hit Singapore, and the proceeds were used to stock up the janitors’ pantries. The notes were sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Jurong Polyclinic and SBS Transit.  Sales of gratitude cards continued as part of the school’s gratitude movement and students/staff could buy and write notes to each other, this was also encouraged during Teachers’ Day. 

As part of the school’s 25th anniversary celebration, newly designed sets of limited edition Gratitude Cards were sold to raise funds for underprivileged students.  The student body also participated actively through driving kindness to self, others, community and environment via their PASSION projects.