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Our Committee

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From left to right: Ms Ho Sing Ern (2IC) , Mrs Cherie Luo, Ms Christina Ng (IC), Mr Albert Lui and Ms Soo Mei Hui. 
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Learning for Life Programme

 At Juying Secondary School, our Learning for Life Programme – iACE@Juying  (I Appreciate, I Create, I Exhibit my talents at Juying) seeks to plant the seed of aesthetics appreciation in all our JYians; develop their artistic abilities in the different fields of performing arts and provide them with opportunities to create and exhibit their artistic talents. 

Under our holistic Learning for Life Programme, JYians get to learn to play a musical instrument such as guzheng or ukulele; learn different dance styles such as hip hop and jazz, go on excursions to museums and watch local and international productions. 

It is our firm belief that every child is an artist within. Hence, it is our mission to nurture every JYian to bring out the artist in them and achieve our vision of ‘Every JYian An Artiste Within’.

Here is what our JYians have to say about our Learning for Life Programme:

‘I had learnt to be confident when I dance because I must show the energy in my performance. Most importantly I must be “thick skinned” and not to fear to make mistakes in front of a crowd.’

- Ash Yow Chuan Feng, 2017 1E1

‘I really like the chorus ‘Whoop Whoop”. Although the dance is challenging but I had overcome the difficulties. I could dance now.’ 

-  Sabrina Batrisyia Binte Azman, 2017 1T1

‘I enjoyed the learning journey to Esplanade. It helps to boost my self-esteem as it made me be aware that even men could take part in the dance performance and not to be shy about it.’

- Tan Zhan Peng, Andrew, 2017 2E2

‘The learning journey to the dance performance at Esplanade has help to develop my sense of responsibility as I am now aware how to behave in such cultured venues.’ 
-  Chee Le Xuan, 2017 2E2


The school’s existing aesthetics development programme has been affirmed and recognised by National Arts Council through the award of the National Arts Education GLOW Award 2015 and 2013, a development made since 2011 when the school was awarded the National Arts Education Sparks Award.

The 2015 GLOW Award in National Arts Education was achieved for demonstrating holistic planning and processes in arts education.

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Every JYian An Artist Within

At the end of 4 to 5 years of education, every JYian will be able
  •  to do basic drawing and rendering skills,
  •  to play a musical instrument of a known song and sing-a-long, 
  •  to perform a simple line-dance routine (JYian Dance).

Learning for Life Programme:

( I Appreciate, I Create, I Exhibit my talents at Juying)


All lower secondary students undergo an aesthetics appreciation programme to assist students to focus on art, music and dance. iACE@Juying is a 30-hour programme, conducted 1 hour weekly.

In Lower secondary years:

  • 1 hr per week and a total of 26 hrs per academic year of 15 hrs of dance and 13 hrs of music in General Music Programme (Secondary One)
  • 1 hr per week and a total of 26 hrs per academic year of 13 hrs of dance and 15 hours of music in General Music Programme (Secondary Two)
  • 1 hr per week and a total of 26 hrs per academic year of General Art Programme (Secondary One & Two)
  • 10 hours of English drama training in preparation for Drama Assembly (Secondary Two)1 visual arts trip for Sec1s and 1 aesthetics Learning Journey for Sec 2 to watch performing arts by local artists.
  • All students will go through 4 assembly programmes per year – 1 Music, 1 Drama, 1 Dance & 1 Visual Arts.

In Upper secondary years,

  • All students will go through 4 assembly programmes per year – 1 Music, 1 Drama, 1 Dance & 1 Visual Arts.
  • 1 aesthetics Learning Journey for Sec 3 to watch performing arts by international artists.
  • Selected students will take O level (6123), N level (6125) & NT level (6126) Art examination.
  • Selected students will take O Level (6085) Music examination.

In addition to this, specialized arts programmes for specific groups such as those talented in music and art and their programme policy as follows  :

Tier2:   Arts CCAs

  • Selected students who pass the audition will be deployed to related Arts CCA.
  • Performing arts and visual arts co-curricular activities with options in – Concert Band, Choir, Cultural Dance, Hiphop Dance, English Drama & Art Club (25–30% of student cohort)
  • All groups will take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation every alternate year organized by MOE.
  • All groups will take part in 2 public performances each year.
  • All students will need to perform 6 hours of community involvement as a CCA group in service to the community
  • All CCA groups will provide enrichment activities such as camp, concert outings, school exchanges, workshops and so on in CCA programme to develop skills and exposure.
  • All CCA groups will provide leadership positions and training opportunities to develop leadership potential in the group setting
  • All CCA groups will provide competition opportunities (international, national, zone or inter-school events)

Tier3:   Higher Art/Music Programme

Selected students will take

  • O level (6085) Music examination.
  • O level (6123), N level (6125) & NT level (6126) Art examination.




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Programmes 2018

Programmes 2017

Sec 1 Aesthetics Learning Journey - Exploring “Ghosts and Spectres - Shadows of History” by NTU Art Group 

Demonstrating how to play GuZheng to our visitor. 

 Lesson with Ukulele instructor, Mr Eddie.JYian Dance – a dance where all JYians
(all students & teachers) know by heart

 Congratulations to Elrica of 2A1, who had graduated from Dance Talent Development Programme
by MOE, AEB.
Sec 3 Aesthetics Learning Journey – Watching
“Wicked” Musical at Marina Bay Sands (Oct 2016) 
 Our Guzheng Interest Group performing for
Chinese New Year.
 Our dancer, Misha, on SYF Facebook.


National Arts Education GLOW Award.

Cultural Dance
Hip Hop

Symphonic Band

Awarded CHAMPIONS in Pulse Hiphop Competition 2015   
Awarded GOLD Award in Yellowren Modern Dance Competition 2015


2 NAEA_2013.jpg
We are one of the Award recipients in NAC – NAE Award Ceremony (Feb 2014). Our school is represented by Mr Albert Lui.
3a 2E2 Denzel n 2E1 LooShueChie.jpg
3b 2E2 Huang Ruijia n Shabbir.jpg
Art works by Huang Ruijia (2E2) and Muhammad Shabbir B Jalavddin (2E2), Leong Jun Hao Denzel (2E2) and Loo Shue Chie (2E1), named “Vibrancy of Life

3c 4A2 Qistina.jpg
Because You Looked Out for Me” by Qistina Nurdayana Bte M I (4A2)

Their art works were selected by MOE in Nov2014 to serve as Corporate gifts to be presented by our Minister and MOE Political Leaders to their foreign counterparts during any incoming VIP visits and official overseas trips.
Aesthetics Learning Journey to Aladdin Musical at Marina Bay Sands Singapore (August 2019) 

24Feb2012 Straits Times JYSS receiving National Arts Education SPARKS Award.jpg20Nov2012 ZaoBao Striving for CCA excellence after PRIME.jpg

Current Partnerships

National Arts Council Visual Art Development
Esplanade "Keppel Nights" programme by Keppel Corporation
Arts Education Branch AYG2009, YOG2010, biennial SYF Opening/Closing ceremonies