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Learning for Life Programme


In Juying Secondary School, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is in PASSION and we aim to Develop Self-Directed and Intrinsically Motivated Learners through PASSION. 

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The school adopts the 5EExcite, Explore, Enrich, Empower, Engage approach in the planning, execution and review of the PASSION modules. The Tier 1 LLP activities, which target at all the students in each cohort, include the PASSION-themed Assembly Talks, PASSION Projects and the PASSION SPARK! Day, which is a day when the school showcases the PASSION projects by the students. Selected PASSION projects will also be featured at external exhibition platforms.

The PASSION modules are offered to the entire Secondary One to Three cohort. The students will get to be immersed in a year-long PASSION module of their choice each year. The PASSION modules include Personal Well-being, Arts, Sports, STEM, Internal Security, Outreach and Nature. The PASSION learning process will include a series of customised webinars, learning journeys, research and investigation, data collection and analysis, ICT and ALP training, as well as I-Reflect and We-Reflect activities.

Upper Secondary students will be able to apply for and attend PASSION-related Polytechnic AEMs, which will give them a glimpse of a course that they have interest in and earn a certificate from the Polytechnic by completing the course. This will also value-add to their portfolio when they apply for EAE or DSA during their year of graduation. 

By the time they reach Secondary Four/Five, students will be applying what they have learnt to create their capstone project, which includes building a personal branding video clip - ‘My PASSION Journey’, in conjunction with their EAE and DSA application.

Selected groups of Secondary Two students will be able to join the PASSION Experts Training, whereby they will undergo a developmental programme to train them to become buddy mentors to selected Secondary One and/or Two students. PASSION internship attachment opportunities will also be offered as part of the LLP Tier 2 programmes.

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