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MOE OBS Challenge

OBS Challenge - An Experience for a Lifetime

The video below shows the highlights of the experience during the MOE OBS Challenge.

Enrolment Process   

MOE-OBS Challenge Programme is part of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan, with the aim to strengthen the holistic development of the students. The Outdoor Education (OE) provides rich learning experiences outside the classroom and helps our Secondary 3 students to develop holistically, building up their resilience and ruggedness. The authentic learning experiences help the students to develop 21st Century Competencies as well as competencies for sustainable, active and healthy living. 

Through the Programme, the Secondary 3 students will learn:

  • Confident Person & Resilience – To be able to manage challenges positively through self-directed learning and making the right choices to influence their circumstances.

  • To be a Concerned Citizen – To commit to playing an active role in the improvement of the community and environment.

These are some of the activities that the students will experience during the Programme. Students will have a chance to experience at least one land-based and/or one water-based activity.

  1. Mood Setting Expectations

  • Students will know the course objectives and share their hopes and fears for the Programme.

  1. Team Challenges

  • Students will understand the concept of what makes a team, through various team challenges. During the challenges, the students will discover the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

  1. Morning Circle and Journaling

  • Students are taught to understand and realise the importance of reflection and sharing. They will then learn to explore better ways on working together.

  1. Land/Sea Expedition

  • Students will be given the opportunity to develop leadership skills and learn to harness the strengths of every member to complete the challenge. 

You may click on this link for the video on MOE-OBS Challenge Programme.