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Outdoor Education




Healthy Bodied and Inquisitive Minded JYians

We see schooling as a process of preparing students for the test of life and not just for a life
of tests. We see JYians thriving in their future because of their strength of character and their ability to take responsible risks.


Our Outdoors, Our Classroom

We believe that the outdoors is a classroom to build strength of character.  Students are engaged in reflective, experiential and active learning to develop their inquisitive minds. In order to brave the challenges of the outdoors, pupils have to be active and healthy so that learning and character building can take place anywhere and at any time.


R3IGHT values

The core values that we try to inculcate in the outdoor activities are namely the school values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, graciousness, humility and teamwork. We believe these core values are important in shaping one’s self and we want JYians to be able to respect themselves, others and environment,
to become responsible people, to demonstrate resilience in every aspect of their lives. We believe JYians can develop interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships whilst being gracious and valuable team members. Through various activities that require moral reasoning, we would also want our students to display integrity.



We employ ‘Moving Mountains’ as a metaphor for overcoming obstacles. We encourage the “can do” spirit in life.


The school has embarked on designing programmes that will provide opportunities for pupils to be developed cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally through the outdoor experience. The school aims to develop active and healthy students, who possess the school R3IGHT values to become future-ready and useful citizens.

Sec 2 Adventure Camp
S2 Camp pic 1.jpgEven before kayaking, students were taught to take charge and bring out their kayaks from the store.
S2 Camp 7.jpgOur principal and parents supported the campfire
S2 Camp 5.jpgFormula for Teamwork: Synergy and Trust
S2 Camp pic 2.jpgClass bonding during a meal.
S2 Camp pic 3.jpgWashing of plates could also encourage the spirit of camaraderie.

S2 Camp 6.jpgBefore they embarked on the challenges of high elements, students had to first master the skill of
active listening.

Sec 1 Climbing Experience

oe2.pngNavigate through mazes!
oe3.pngHave fun with peers! 
oe4-1.pngGet ready for dragon boating
IMG_5269.jpgLearn to climb a rock wall!  
IMG_5630.jpg Abseil if you are not afraid of heights!